Dashboard Analytics, Reports & Activity Logs in Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions offers a wide range of options to view and analyze your overall subscription information. You can access this information through the Subscription Dashboard and in the settings under Activity Logs.

With Bold Subscriptions, you can:

  • See snapshots of your churn rate and estimated subscription revenue over a period of time.
  • Download and view all your subscriber's information in a CSV file.
  • Review a log of changes made to your customer accounts, subscription settings and more.



The Dashboard Overview calculates your estimated subscription revenue over a set period of time. Orders that are set to recur are taken into consideration. You can review these stats as soon as you begin using the app, including an overview of your new subscriptions, cancellations and monthly churn rate.

You can view the statistics for a specific period of time by selecting the Date Range under Overview:

Dashboard Overview

You can view your subscription trends over time, as well as view a snapshot of your active subscriptions.

Trends and Active Subscriptions

The Reports section of Bold Subscriptions' Dashboard allows you to download a detailed CSV of both your active and inactive subscriptions. This report holds all your individual subscriber data, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Next order date
  • Last order date

And much more.

To download a new report:

  1. Select Reports from within the Dashboard.
  2. Under General reports, select All Subscriptions.
  3. Select Create 1 report.

    Note: The report can take several minutes to generate.

    Select Create 1 report
  4. Select View all reports beside the Reports ready to download message.Select View all reports
  5. Select the download icon to download your CSV file.

    Note: You will have access to download all reports which are generated for 7 days.

    Download your CSV file


Within Bold Subscriptions Activity Log, you can review a log of all your customer's changes, app setting changes and other activities. You can filter by event, user type, and date range.

Activity Log



  • All events.
  • Subscription Group - Created, Updated or Deleted.
  • Subscription - Created, Updated, Notification sent, Cancelled, Failed, or Paused.
  • Subscription order - Created, Refunded, or Refund failed.
  • Shop settings - Updated.
  • Email settings - Updated.
  • Email template - Created, Updated, Deleted or Main template updated.
  • Customer - Created, Updated, or Logged in.
  • User - Logged in.
  • Shop emails - Updated.
  • Customer address - Created or Updated.

User Types:

  • All users
  • Bold admin
  • Subscription app
  • Customer
  • Store admin
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