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Email Notifications in Bold Subscriptions

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Bold Subscriptions offers several built-in email notifications along with templates that can be customized to match your store's branding and design. Add your logo, style them with CSS, and use custom merge fields to include information about the customer, your store, and their subscriptions.




You can update the contact information for your store in the Email settings. This includes the from name and reply-to email address that appears in the emails sent to your customers. You can also create new email templates from here.

The following email notifications are available within Bold Subscriptions: 

  • Subscription Created: This email will be sent to your customers when they first order a new subscription.
  • Transaction Failed: This email will be sent to your customers when an order has failed due to a credit card error.
  • Upcoming Order: This email will be sent a certain number of days ahead of your customer's upcoming order. You can customize the number of days this email gets sent out before the order is set to generate.

    Note: When a product is swapped within a subscription order, a notification will not be sent out. Instead, the upcoming order email will have the updated product information for your customers.

  • Expiring Credit Card: This email will be sent a certain number of days ahead of a payment going through if your customer's credit card is expiring or has expired. You can customize the time and number of days before their credit card is set to expire that this email gets sent to your customers.
  • Payment Requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): When SCA is required on a recurring order, Shopify will send out an email to your customer with a link to authorize their payment. This email notification can be enabled to send a reminder to your customers if their payment was not authorized on the first request and is still pending.
    You can customize when and how often this email gets sent to your customers starting from when their order is set to generate. For example, setting a notification period of 1 Day will mean the email reminder is sent every day until the payment is authorized. Using a setting of 2 Days will mean it will be sent every other day until their payment is authorized.

    Note: SCA is relevant only when both merchants and their customers reside within the European Economic Area. For more information, please visit Strong Customer Authentication for Subscriptions & Bold Checkout.



Edit Your Email Templates

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.

  2. Select Bold Subscriptions.

  3. Select Settings, then Email Notifications.

  4. Select the ellipsis beside the notification you want to adjust, then Edit email template.

    Edit email template

    Note: If you would like to test a email notification, you can select Send test email and enter in your email address.

  5. Adjust the template accordingly.

    Note: You can edit the HTML source code by selecting the < > icon. Visit W3 Schools - HTML (links to W3Schools) for more information on how to use HTML.

  6. Select Save.