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Troubleshooting with Bold Discounts

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While using Bold Discounts, you may come across some unexpected issues. While some of these issues may be corrected through a simple app setting, other issues might be related to a conflicting app or process, or an incomplete install on your theme.

In this help article, we are going to go over some common issues that you may come across with Discounts and what steps can be taken to resolve each issue.



  • When a discount is activated in Bold Discounts, the original price is moved over to the compare at price field within the Shopify admin, and the new discounted price is placed in the main price field.

    How the compare at price displays on your storefront is dependent on your theme. Most themes do display the compare at price on your product page, but there are some that may not.

    Note If the compare at price field has already been manually filled by you, Discounts skips moving the original price over to that field when the discount group has been activated.

    If you aren't seeing a compare at price on your storefront when running a discount, you can follow the steps below to ensure there is a compare at price within the Shopify admin.

    1. From the Shopify admin, select Products.
    2. Select a discounted product.
    3. Under Pricing, ensure there is a compare at price. If not, enter one.
    4. Select Save.

    If the compare at price is correct in your admin but does not display on your storefront, this means your theme does not support it. In this case, we recommend reaching out to your theme designer to see if they can customize this change on your behalf.

    If you'd like to check or add the code to your theme yourself, you can try the steps below.

    1. From the Shopify admin, select Online Store.
    2. Select Actions.
    3. Select Edit code.
    4. Under Templates, select product.liquid.

      Note If your theme contains sections you may find this code within product-template.liquid under Sections instead.

    5. Ensure there is code containing:


      Note If this code doesn't exist you can add it. The legend below helps you build the code.

      Compare at price code

    6. Select Save.


    Compare at Price Legend

    The code may look something like this or you may have to add it yourself:

    <h2 id="price"><span>{{ product.price | money }}</span>{% if product.compare_at_price_max > product.price %} <del>{{ product.compare_at_price_max | money }}</del>{% endif %}</h2>

    Here is the breakdown of the elements:

    {{ product.price | money}}

    This shows the regular selling price of the product:

    {% if product.compare_at_price_max | money > product.price %}

    Logic statement that runs the next lines of code if the highest (max) compare at price is higher than the product price. The {% endif %} closes the logic statement:

    <del> ... </del>

    The content between these tags are striked out:

    {{ product.compare_at_price_max }}

    The highest compare at price. This can also be modified as:

    {{ product.compare_at_price_min }}</code

    for the lowest (minimum) compare at, or simply:

    {{ product.compare_at_price }}
  • When a product is placed in a discount group and the discount is activated, Discounts immediately starts applying discounts to the product(s) selected in the discount group.

    To hide your discounted products from the storefront, there are two steps that need to be completed:

    1. Visit Bold Discounts Install Instructions to install the duplicate and hide functionality into your theme.

    2. Select the Create a hidden duplicate option in step 16 when you Create a Discount with Bold Discounts.

      Select create a hidden duplicate

    If both of these steps have been completed and you still see these products on your storefront, a third party app could be causing the issue. Please contact our Customer Success team for further assistance.

  • There are a few reasons why a discount may not be appearing on your product.

    1. Discounts has already applied a discount to a product. If a product is already in an active discount group when it is placed in another, Discounts skips any additional discounts.
    2. A price being discounted results in a price less than zero. If this happens, the discount is ignored. For example, if a $10 item is included in a sale with $12 discount, the price of the $10 item would become -$2. Shopify does not allow a product to be sold at a negative price. In other words, a negative price would mean you are paying the customer to buy the item.
    3. You have set higher cents override on a low priced item. If a product is priced at $1.50, with a 10% discount applied, and a cents override to .79, the product price remains the same. The discount on the $1.50 product is $0.15 (10%) and makes the price $1.35. When the cents override is applied, the price equals $1.79. The price would become higher than the original price. Therefore, the discount is ignored.
    4. You are using another app that syncs or modifies product information. In this case, this app would conflict Bold Discounts. The only solution is to remove the conflicting app.
  • If a hidden product created from Bold Discounts is appearing on the storefront, there could be a few reasons why this is happening. The most common reasons our team have experienced are the following:

    1. Missing/Incomplete Install - If a theme install has not yet been completed on your store, the hidden products created from Bold Discounts may appear on your storefront. Please visit Bold Discounts Install Instructions for steps on installing Bold Discounts to your theme.
    2. Broken Duplicate & Hidden Product - If a duplicate & hidden product is updated via an inventory sync, product import/export, or any other sync while the discount groups are active in Bold Discounts, this can cause issues resulting in the hidden products appearing on the storefront.
      This can be fixed by turning off the discount group(s) where the hidden products were created. Once the sync has been completed, it can then be turned back on.

      Note After the discount group has been turned off, please double check your products to ensure the duplicate & hidden product(s) have been removed. If the hidden product(s) have not been removed, they need to be manually deleted before re-enabling the discount group in Bold Discounts.

    3. Third Party App Conflict - If a third party app is being used to generate pages on your store, this may cause some issues with duplicate & hidden products appearing on your store. In order to hide duplicate & hidden products on pages that are managed by third party apps, this requires a separate customization on your theme's liquid code. Please visit 3rd Party Search App Customizations for a list of third party search apps that can be integrated with Bold Discounts.
  • If you are using apps that sync information or modify products, you may experience incorrect discount amounts being applied or products not being discounted at all.

    This is because these apps can change the information that is tied to a specific item. When these changes occur, Discounts is no longer able to identify which products are on sale through the app.

    Discounts is not compatible with these kinds of apps. The only solution is to remove the conflicting app.

  • This usually occurs when Discounts has a discount applied to a product and the product's variant was manually modified, a CSV import was done on the product, or the product was duplicated.

    Making any of these changes causes the variant ID to change, which removes important meta-data on the variant which is required for Discounts to function. At this point, you need to change the product's price manually to the regular price.

    To revert your product prices manually, we recommend running an export of your product list and adjusting your prices in the exported sheet. You can then import the edited product list to override your wrong item prices.

  • The sales clock may not display if:

    1. The sales clock is not installed correctly.
    2. Your sale does not have a start or end date/time.

    For steps on installing the sale clock in your theme, refer to the Bold Discounts Install Instructions to ensure it is installed correctly.

    If the installation has already been completed, please ensure steps 9 - 13 of Create a Discount with Bold Discounts have been applied in a discount group in Discounts.

  • A sales icon may appear on a product that is no longer on sale because that product still has the sale tag attached to it.

    To fix this, create a discount for 1% on the affected product and turn on the discount. Wait for the process to complete and turn off the discount. The sale tag should now be removed.

    If the sales icon still appears or the price is still discounted, please contact our Customer Success team.

    Visit Create a Discount with Bold Discounts for complete instructions.

  • If you do not see the sales icon after creating a discount in Discounts, it could because of one of two reasons:

    1. The sales icon is not installed correctly.
    2. A sales icon has not been chosen in Discounts.

    For steps on installing the sale icon in your theme, refer to the Bold Discounts Install Instructions to ensure it is installed correctly.

    If the installation has already been completed on a Vintage theme, please ensure that a sales icon is chosen in Discounts. Visit Customize Sales Icons & Clock in Bold Discounts in Bold Discounts for steps on selecting a sales icon in Discounts.

  • Uninstalling Discounts while the discount groups are still active leaves the sale on. Discounts applies metafields to the products in order to mark them as on sale. These are removed when the sale is turned off and the sync has completed. In order to clear these metafields, you need to reinstall the app and either:

    1. Turn off the active discounts groups and wait for the sync to fully complete.
    2. Create a sale for 1% off for the affected products.
  • In order for Discounts to function correctly in your browser, you must have third-party cookies enabled. Discounts stores information in your browser cookies that allow you to gain access and perform certain actions.

    In some versions of Chrome and Safari, the setting to allow cross-website tracking must also be enabled.

    For more information on this and other troubleshooting steps, please visit App Access Troubleshooting.