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Bold Upsell Offers FAQ

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This guide answers several common questions regarding creating offers with Bold Upsell. Select a question below to view the answer.



General FAQs

  • You can install Upsell on an unpublished theme. Simply ensure the app embeds are switched off on the live theme so your offers don't appear to your customers. To see how to turn on and off the app embeds, please visit our Installation Guide for Bold Upsell.


    If you've installed Upsell on a vintage theme prior to January 4, 2024, Upsell automatically installs the Upsell code to the published theme as well. This means any offers you create will also be displayed on your live theme as well.

    In this case, you can add some code to your theme files to stop the Upsell script from running and displaying your offers. To do this, please follow the steps below.

    Note: It’s always best to work on a backup copy of your live theme. This allows you to easily switch between themes when you want to hide and test Upsell and when you want to go live.

    1. From the Shopify admin, select Sales channels, then Online Store.
    2. Select the ellipsis next to the theme you would like to edit.
    3. Select Edit code.
    4. Select theme.liquid from the files list.
    5. Find the code: content_for_header.
    6. Wrap the code in comments as shown:
      {% comment %}{{ content_for_header }}{% endcomment %}
    7. Underneath, add this code:

      Note: Replace with your store’s Shopify URL.

      {{ content_for_header | remove: "https:\/\/\/v2_ui\/js\/upsell.js?" }}
    8. Select Save.
  • No. Dynamic Buy Now buttons on your product page skip the necessary add to cart functionality that Bold Upsell requires when your customers add products to the cart. Offers won't display when Buy Now buttons are used.


    Dynamic Buy Now Button

    To remove this button from your store, please follow the steps in Shopify's article: Adding and removing dynamic checkout buttons.

  • Upsell must be downloaded separately to each store. One account with Upsell will not work across two stores.

  • There is no limit on the amount of times that an offer is shown to a customer within the limit of your plan views. If a customer activates your trigger event along with the trigger product, the offer is presented.

    Once the offer has been accepted and is in the cart, the offer is not shown again.

    It is possible for your customer to see the same offer more than once on your store such as when revisiting a page and reactivating the trigger event without previously accepting the offer.

  • Upsell is not capable of displaying Shopify Market prices. This is due to how Shopify Markets round the converted price. In addition, Post Purchase offers do not work when the Shopify Market is set to a non-primary market.


Offer FAQs

  • Discounts are available for Shopify Post Purchase offers only. Upsell does not have a feature to discount products for before checkout offers.

    Before checkout offers can be discounted by integrating Upsell with Bold Discounts. This integration allows you to create a hidden duplicate product with a discount. This duplicate product appears only in the Upsell offer window and not on your storefront. For more information, please visit Upsell & Bold Discounts Integration.

    Note: If Bold Discounts is not an option for you, buy one, get one (BOGO) offers can be achieved by using Bold Bundles. Please visit Create/Edit/Delete a Bundle for instructions on how to create a BOGO bundle.

  • Yes. You can select either the entire product or a specific variant in the product selector when creating your offer. 

  • No. Upsell can only access the products that are available on your storefront for purchase. In addition, Shopify does not allow products that have been hidden from the Online Store sales channel to go through the checkout.

    The only exception to this is if you are using the integration between Upsell and Bold Discounts. Bold Discounts allows you to create hidden duplicates of your products for exclusive use in your Upsell offer. These hidden products are not shown on the storefront. For more information, please visit Upsell & Bold Discount Integrations.

  • No, Shopify gift cards are a special type of product that can't be used as an offer or trigger product.

  • If your customer triggers multiple offers they are combined into one window to a maximum of three offers at random.

    If you’d like to show more than three offers in the Upsell window, you can enable the setting to Show all offered products. When this is enabled, arrows appear on either side of the Upsell window to allow your customer to scroll through all the offers.

    The setting can be found under Settings > Upsell Settings:

    Offer Product Settings


Post Purchase offer FAQs

  • No, custom titles and descriptions are not available for Shopify Post Purchase offers due to Shopify's app requirements. Instead, you can pick from a of variety of titles and descriptions provided in a dropdown menu when creating your offer.

  • No, this page is controlled entirely by Shopify and as a result cannot be accessed by Upsell for changes.


Upsell and Bold Discount integration FAQs

  • When using the Upsell and Discount integration, Upsell checks to determine if the user's cart qualifies for the offer before allowing customers to add a free (or discounted) product. However, it is not (and can never be) 100% foolproof due to the way Shopify accepts products and cart adjustments.

    When creating the offer in Upsell, you can enable a setting to automatically remove items from the cart if the trigger product is removed or conditions are unmet.

    Setting to remove products