Bold Upsell Offers FAQ

This guide answers several common questions regarding creating offers with Bold Upsell. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team.



Upsell does not have a feature to apply discounts to offer products for upsell or cross-sell offers at this time.

Discounts can be set for offer products that are used in after-checkout offers. After-checkout offers can only be used if you have Bold Cashier installed on your store and have enabled Cashier and Bold Upsell.

In order to apply discounts to offer products in the upsell modal, a duplicate and hidden discount will need to be created while using Bold Discounts V1. Visit Bold Upsell's Bold Integrations for more information on how to enable this integration.


If Bold Discounts V1 is not an option for you, a buy one, get one (BOGO) offer can be achieved by using Bold Bundles. Please visit Create/Edit/Delete a Bundle for steps on creating a BOGO bundle.

No. Shopify does not allow products that have been hidden from a certain sales channel to be used at checkout.

No, Shopify gift cards are a special type of product that can't be used as an offer or trigger item.

No, there is not a limit on the amount of times that an upsell or cross-sell offer will show to your customers. If a customer adds a trigger product to the cart, or takes one to the checkout, the offer will be presented.

There also isn't a way to prevent an upsell offer from being seen multiple times on the storefront for the same customer. If a customer has the trigger product in the cart, returns back to the product page or from the checkout page back to the cart page and selects the Add to Cart or the Checkout button, the offer will be presented to the customer again.

Once the offer has been accepted and is in the cart, the offer will not be shown again.

Bold Upsell does a check to ensure that the user's cart qualifies for the offer before allowing customers to add a free product. However, it is not (and can never be) 100% foolproof due to the way Shopify accepts products and cart adjustments.

When creating an offer in Upsell, there is an option to remove any free items from the customer's cart when they no longer qualify under the offer's conditions.

If you are unable to find a product using the search field for a trigger or offer product, it's likely that the product was recently created and has not yet been synced with Bold Upsell.

If this happens, a sync can be performed in the Upsell product selector. After performing the sync, any newly created products will be searchable in the product selector. 

You can run a sync within Bold Upsell by selecting Update Now near the top of the product selector pop-up page: 

Update Now Button


The sync can only be performed once every 24 hours. If the Update Now button is not present, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the sync to be available.

If the customer's cart triggers multiple offers, they will be combined into one pop-up.

If you toggle the Allow customers to select more than one product in the offer option, then customers can choose as many products in your offer as they'd like. By default, this is off.

No. Dynamic Buy Now buttons on your product pages will skip the necessary add to cart functionality that Bold Upsell requires when your customers add products to the checkout. This will cause the upsell or cross-sell to be skipped on the product page or cart page.
Dynamic Buy Now Button

To remove this button from your store, please follow the steps on the Dynamic Checkout Buttons on Shopify article.

Yes. Bold Upsell will display offers in your customer's local currency if you have enabled Shopify's Multi Currency feature.  

It is important to note that when using the cart value condition, this amount will be based on your store's default currency.

Yes. You can select either the entire product including all variants or an individual variant in the product selector. To see how to do this, please visit Create an Upsell or Cross-sell offer.

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