Customization & Styling in Bold Cashier


Within the General Settings of Bold Cashier, there are a few areas where you may want to customize and adjust: the Logo that appears on the Bold Cashier checkout page, the appearance of the checkout where you can change the checkout from three pages to one page, as well as add in some custom CSS to match your store's theme colors. You can also change some information that is present in the checkout under the Checkout Process section.

The main function of this section is to allow you to change what information is included in the Bold Cashier checkout, as well as changing the appearance and styling of the checkout.

Display Styling

Bold Cashier's checkout can be fully customized by navigating to SettingsGeneral Settings. You're able to adjust the styling and appearance of the checkout, as well as the logo and favicon. 

You can also add a custom hostname in the Bold Cashier checkout page to match your store's URL rather than using the default checkout URL of "".

For more information on changing the appearance of Bold Cashier's checkout, please visit Display Styling in Bold Cashier.

Language Settings

Bold Cashier allows you to change all the wording and language on almost all of the text present in the checkout. Since all the language from our app populates in English by default, this gives you the freedom to make adjustments if your app displays in a different language on your storefront.

All changes to the language within the app can be found under Settings > Language Settings.

Multiple different languages can be created in Bold Cashier that can be selected by a customer in the checkout to match their own local region. Languages can either be manually added into the Language Settings, otherwise, languages can also be imported by selecting the language using a dropdown.

Notice anything that is not translating in the checkout? Please reach out to our Merchant Success Team for further review.

For more information on configuring these settings, visit our Language Settings in Bold Cashier.

Custom Tracking Scripts

With Bold Cashier, you can use custom tracking scripts to customize the information that gets sent to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. You can also integrate with other analytics and tracking services, that are not directly integrated with Cashier, to track successful purchases. 

For more information on configuring these settings, visit Custom Tracking Scripts in Bold Cashier.


Are you noticing that some text is not translating? Or perhaps a certain button or text is not changing to a different color?

All changes made within the Bold Cashier admin should reflect in the checkout page right away, however, it's recommended that you are viewing the correct checkout page. Bold Cashier's checkout page URL will either begin with "", or the URL will display using the custom hostname added into the app. 

If the changes are not displaying, it's also recommended to try viewing the checkout using an incognito web browser to eliminate the possibility of a cookie or caching related issue.

Still not seeing changes on the checkout page? Please reach out to our Merchant Success Team for further assistance.

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