Using Gift Cards with Bold Cashier

Bold Gift Cards is a new suite of features available in Bold Cashier as a way of offering and managing gift cards. With Bold Gift Cards you can:

  • Create and send gift cards to your customers via email
  • Define a gift card product to be offered for sale on your storefront
  • Access gift card management tools
  • Customize the gift card email template

Access to the full Bold Gift Card suite is available on request. Without access to the full set, you will only have the ability to create and send gift cards via email. Please reach out to our Customer Success team to have the full feature set enabled for your shop. 

Gift cards created in Shopify are not compatible with Bold Cashier. Only gift cards created in Bold Cashier can be used in Bold Cashier.

This guide will walk you through the setup and features of Bold Gift Cards in Bold Cashier.



Setup & Functionality

To enable the features of Bold Gift Cards from within Bold Cashier, please follow the steps below.

  1. From your Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Cashier.
  3. Select Payment options, then Gift Cards.
  4. Select Connect next to Bold Gift Cards.

    Connect Bold Gift Cards



An email containing the gift card code and secret PIN will be sent to your customer when you create a gift card to be sent by email, or when your customer purchases one on the storefront. The gift card email will be sent to the email address your customer uses at checkout.

You can customize this email with your own language and use the provided merge fields to automatically populate information specific to your customer.


It’s best to ensure this email is set up correctly and enabled before creating your gift cards.




  1. From within Bold Cashier, select Payment Options, then Gift Cards.

    Note: If you have not yet requested access to the full Bold Gift Card suite, you will need to navigate to Payment options > Gift card emails to access the email template.

  2. Scroll down and select Customize email.

    Customize email

  3. Change the Subject Line and body of the email as needed.

    Note: Merge fields are outlined in the left margin and can be included in your email if desired. For example, using the [note] merge field will include the private note you defined when creating a gift card by email.

    Email template

  4. Select Save.



To create a gift card from a product, you will want to be sure to set up the product within your Shopify admin first. This method allows you to select a product from your Shopify admin to represent your gift card, which will then be available for sale on your storefront.

When your customer purchases a gift card, an email with a unique code and PIN number will be sent to them using the email address they entered in the checkout.

  • It is best to create your product as a digital product so your customer is not prompted to enter a shipping address in the checkout.
  • Gift card products also require a SKU.




  1. From within Bold Cashier, select Payment Options, then Gift Cards.
  2. In the field that says Add your gift card products, search for your gift card product by SKU.
  3. Select Add.
    Add gift card product
  4. Optional: Repeat steps 5-6 to add multiple gift cards.



This method allows you to create and send an email with a unique gift card code and PIN to an individual customer. This gift card will not appear as a product for sale on your storefront.




  1. From within Bold Cashier, select Payment Options, then Gift Cards.
  2. In the top right, select Send gift card.

    Note: If you have not yet requested access to the full Bold Gift Card suite, the interface may be slightly different than shown below. The functionality of each field is the same.

  3. Enter an Amount and the Recipient Email address.

    Required fields

  4. Optional: Enter a personalized message to your recipient.
  5. Optional: Enter a private note.

    Note: Private notes can be shared with your customer if you include the [note] merge field in your gift card email template. For more information, view the information above, under Customize the Gift Card Email.

  6. Optional: Select an Expiration date.

    Note: Countries have different laws for gift card expiry dates. Check the laws in your country before setting an expiry date.

  7. Select Send.



Under the Issued tab, you can view the information for your issued gift cards, as well as cancel a gift card in the event your customer has lost their code. 

At a glance, you can see the last four characters of the gift card code, customer email address, status, creation date, initial amount, and remaining balance.

Using the search bar, you can narrow down the information to view a specific customer’s gift card information by email address.

Issued gift cards

Gift card status definitions:

  • New: The gift card has never been used.
  • Partially Used: Some, or all of the balance has been used for payment.
  • Expired: The gift card had an expiry date which has passed.
  • Canceled: The gift card has been canceled through the Actions menu.



Cancel a Gift Card

In the event your customer has lost their gift card code, you can cancel their gift card and issue a new one with their remaining balance.

To cancel a gift card, select the Issued tab and search for your customer by email. Select the ellipsis under Actions, then Cancel gift card.

Cancel gift card



Export Data

The Export data button will allow you to export your issued gift card information to a CSV file. This file will contain the information shown under the Issued tab, as well as any notes or messages that were included in any gift card emails.

Export data button




Bold Gift Cards are compatible with Bold Subscriptions.

When your customers use a gift card to pay for a subscription item, they are still required to add an additional payment method to their order during their initial checkout. This is to ensure that when the gift card balance is used up, there is still a payment method on file for future recurring payments.

The gift card is automatically applied to all recurring orders until the balance is reduced to zero. 

Gift card payments and balances are displayed under the Payment information section within the Customer Portal. Once a gift card is attached to a subscription order, another gift card can be added within the Customer Portal.

Subscriptions payment information




  • Gift cards cannot be added to an order in the Customer Portal unless one already exists.
  • Gift cards cannot be removed from a subscription order.



GiveX is a third-party gift card provider which can also be connected from within Bold Cashier. In order to use this integration, you will need to create an account with GiveX and obtain a host and user I.D. along with a password.

When connected to GiveX, all gift cards are created and managed on their platform. Bold Cashier will not show issued gift cards, balances, or options to cancel, for gift cards created in GiveX.


You can only be connected to one gift card provider at a time. If you are already connected to Bold Gift Cards, connecting to GiveX will cancel all issued gift cards created in Bold Gift Cards.




To connect to GiveX, please follow the steps below.

  1. From your Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Cashier.
  3. Select Payment options, then Gift Cards.
  4. Select Connect next to GiveX.
    Connect GiveX
  5. Enter your GiveX credentials.



You may hide the gift card payment option with CSS if you don't want it to appear in the checkout.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Cashier.
  3. Select Settings, then General Settings.
  4. Navigate to Appearance and select the Custom CSS box.
  5. Copy and paste the following code into this box:
    /* Hide gift card payment type */
    .PaymentMethod--GiftCard { display: none; } 
  6. Select Save.
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