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Shipping Rates in Bold Cashier

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When using Bold Cashier, you must have at least one shipping zone. These zones determine which regions your customers can make orders from, and how much it costs to ship product(s) to them.

If you are ready to proceed with setting up shipping on your store, please visit Creating Shipping Zones in Bold Cashier for more information.

This article is relevant to Bold Cashier on Shopify. If your store is using Bold Checkout, please visit the articles relevant for BigCommerce, or commercetools.



Cashier allows you to use price-based, weight-based, or carrier-calculated rates when adding them directly to the app. You can also import your existing Shopify shipping settings, if you prefer.


If you use Bold Subscriptions with Bold Cashier, new Shopify shipping rates will only affect new subscribers. Please visit Updating Shopify Shipping Rates for more information.



When importing your Shopify shipping settings into Bold Cashier, the carrier-calculated rates (via Canada Post, UPS, etc.) are able to be transferred as well. If you import a shipping zone that contains carrier-calculated rates, Cashier will disable these rates until you edit the shipping zones and add new shipping options.

If you are using a carrier for your shipping, they can be added into the Cashier shipping settings to ensure that these rates charge your customers correctly after the import is complete.

For more information on setting this up, please visit Creating Shipping Zones in Bold Cashier.

Cashier only supports weight-based rates in kilograms (kg). When importing weight-based shipping rates, Cashier is unable to automatically convert your product weights if your store is in pounds (lbs).

  1. From within Cashier's admin, select Shipping, then Shipping Zones.
  2. Select Import Zones.
  3. Select OK.

Once complete, your shipping zones will be imported from Shopify to Bold Cashier.

If you are importing Shopify shipping and your store is using multiple shipping profiles, it will create multiple zones for the same country in Cashier. If you are located in Canada or the US, this information can further be separated by States or Provinces.

For other countries that do not have States or Provinces, this may lead to issues when trying to receive shipping rates for that country.



Shipping carriers use an order's weight to calculate the shipping rates your customers pay for. It is important to make sure your products have weights before setting up carrier-calculated weights.

You can use carrier-calculated rates to pull different rates from Canada Post, United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx and UPS. When this is set up, all available rates for that carrier will be displayed in the checkout for your customers.




  1. Under Carrier-calculated rates, select your desired carrier.
  2. Under Charge an additional fee, select Flat Fee or Percentage of total order cost. (optional)

    Note: This option will increase the customer's shipping rate to cover your costs.

  3. Fill out the appropriate information, then select Add.

    Carrier-Calculated Rates Options

  4. Select Save.



Add a Custom Carrier

Cashier has a default integration with Canada Post, USPS, FedEX, and UPS. If you already have an account with any of these carriers, you can add them into Cashier to take advantage of the discounted rates.

To set up your custom carrier, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Cashier's admin, select Shipping, then Carrier Credentials.
  2. Select Setup Custom Carrier.
  3. Name your credential set, select your provider, fill out the appropriate information and select Save.

    Note: Please give this custom carrier rate a distinctive title. This name will appear within a drop down list in your shipping zone section, and will help your customers differentiate between the custom carrier and the standard carrier option.



Creating a price-based rate for shipping is ideal for offering shipping discounts to customers who spend more in your store, like a free shipping incentive to customers who spend $50 or more.

To set up price-based rates, please follow the steps below.

  1. When editing your shipping zone, scroll down to Price-based rates and select Add Rate.
  2. From this area, adjust your rates accordingly.
  3. Select Save.

    Note: The maximum field can be left blank to make your rate not have an upper limit.



If the weights attached to your store's products vary significantly, you may instead want to offer weight-based rates for your customer's shipping.

Weights can be added to your existing Shopify products by going through your Shopify admin > Select a product and add a weight to the internal product page.

Cashier only uses kilograms (kgs) for its weight-based shipping rates. If you are planning on using this method, please convert your product weights to kilograms (kgs) before importing them to Cashier. 1 lb = 454 g (0.45 kg).

To create weight-based rates within Bold Cashier, please follow the steps below.

  1. When editing the shipping zone, scroll down to Weight-based rates, select Add Rate.
  2. Adjust your rate settings accordingly.
  3. Select Save.



Gap(s) in Shipping Rates

When using price-based or weight-based shipping rates, Cashier treats the higher number in the range as non-inclusive, which means that the higher number is not included in the range.

Example 1: The following example is incorrect.

Name Lower limit Higher limit Price
Shipping Rate 1 0kg 10kg $10.00
Shipping Rate 2 10.01kg 20kg $15.00

The reason why this is incorrect, is because the higher limit is non inclusive. If an order has a weight of 10kg, then there won't be an applicable shipping rate for the order.

Example 2: The following example is correct.

Name Lower limit Higher limit Price
Shipping Rate 1 0kg 10kg $10.00
Shipping Rate 2 10kg 20kg $15.00

This example shows that the higher limit of Shipping Rate 1 is the same as the lower limit of Shipping Rate 2. This means that there are no gaps in the shipping rates.

Disabled Shipping Zone

A shipping zone will be disabled if you import your shipping rates from Shopify, and the zone only has a carrier calculated rate (like Canada Post, or UPS). You will need to go into your zone and set up your carrier-calculated rate to re-enable the zone.

Countries not Displaying in Cashier's Checkout Shipping Menu

The countries that show in the country drop-down are determined by the countries you have available in your shipping zones. If a country is not displaying, this is because there is either no shipping zone for that country, or the shipping zone that supports this country is disabled.