Setup Guide for Bold Checkout


Looking to get Bold Checkout set up and running? Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide and you will soon be ready to launch your customizable checkout service.

Let's get started!

Steps to Getting Started:

  1. Install Bold Checkout to your BigCommerce store.

  2. Set up a Payment Gateway in Bold Checkout.

    Bold Checkout requires an attached payment gateway in order to function. The payment gateway is how your customer will be charged for their orders, and where their credit card information is safely stored.

    Visit Connect a Payment Gateway to Bold Checkout for more information on our currently supported gateways.

  3.  Add Shipping Zones in Bold Checkout.

    The shipping zones will determine which countries and provinces/states your store is able to ship to. You can create your own shipping zones within Bold Checkout, as there is currently no limit to the number of zones you can create.

    For more information on setting up shipping zones in Bold Checkout, please visit Create Shipping Zones in Bold Checkout.

  4. Set up Tax Settings in Bold Checkout.

    Bold Checkout can use default tax rates for the US and Canada. These are calculated at the most up-to-date rates we have available. Your warehouse zone will determine how and where your taxes are calculated from.

    For more information, please visit Tax Settings in Bold Checkout.

  5. Using Discount Codes in Bold Checkout.

    Bold Checkout uses an independent checkout process to charge your customers for their orders. Because of this, any discount codes you wish to offer on the storefront must be created within Bold Checkout.

    Please visit our article on Creating a Discount Code in Bold Checkout for more information. 

  6. Use Analytics in Bold Checkout.

    Bold Checkout allows you to track different events on your site using integrations such as Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel.

    Visit our article on Reports & Analytics in Bold Checkout for more information on how to include these in the Bold Checkout.

  7. Customize the Checkout.

    Bold Checkout offers several different ways to customize the look and feel of its checkout. This includes adding custom store logos, customizing the color scheme, or switching between one page or three page checkouts.

    The language settings can also be adjusted within the checkout. For more information, please visit Customization & Styling in Bold Checkout.

  8. Set up App Integrations.

    Bold Checkout integrates with several different apps to provide functionalities that are not possible using BigCommerce's checkout. These integrations are listed within the app's admin under the "Marketplace" tab.

    Visit our Integration Hub for more information on using our app to its fullest.

  9. Place a Test Order with Bold Checkout.

    We strongly recommend testing Bold Checkout before enabling the app on your site. Bold Checkout has a development mode that allows you to process test orders through a "dummy" payment gateway. This is a great way to check currently automated email flows and familiarize yourself with how orders are processed through Bold Checkout.

    Visit our article on Placing Test Orders for more information on completing this.

  10. Enable Bold Checkout.

    Bold Checkout must be enabled through the app's "General Settings" tab before the app can be utilized on your store. For steps on enabling Bold Checkout, please follow these steps: 
    1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.
    2. Select Bold Checkout.
    3. Select Settings, then General Settings.
    4. Under "Enable Bold Checkout", select Turn Bold Checkout On.

  11. Refund Payments with Bold Checkout.

    Since orders that are purchased on your store process through a different checkout, refunds must be done through the Bold Checkout app. 

    For steps on refunding an order that was processed through Bold Checkout, please visit Refund an Order in Bold Checkout.
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