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Multi-Currency & Bold Checkout Integration

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Bold Checkout integrates with Bold Multi-Currency to allow your customers to pay in their preferred currency.


The payment gateway for your desired currency must be set up in Bold Checkout before continuing with this guide. Multi-Currency is not able to map currency payments to a specific gateway until it's enabled in Bold Checkout first.

Please visit Connect a Payment Gateway to Bold Checkout for more information.




  1. From the BigCommerce admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Checkout.
  3. Select Marketplace.
  4. Select Enable on the Multi-Currency option.
  5. Navigate back to the Apps section of your BigCommerce admin and select Multi-Currency.
  6. Select the gear icon next to the currency you would want to accept on the storefront.

    Select the Gear Icon

  7. Select the Specify a payment gateway for this currency dropdown and choose the payment gateway that can accept this currency.
  8. Save the currency settings.



Frequently Asked Questions


We highly recommend reaching out to the payment gateway(s) you're interested in to find out which one will work the best for you and your business.


Draft orders will always use the store's default currency.


You can setup and connect a Braintree-PayPal account to accept different currencies with PayPal. You will need to create 1 sub-account for each currency you'd like to accept.

No, but you can set exchange rate padding or use a custom exchange rate.

There is otherwise no way to change the price of a product based on the chosen currency.