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Payment Overview in Bold Checkout

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Bold Checkout offers a wide variety of payment methods for capturing your customer's payments.

This article provides an overview of some important payment features and settings to keep in mind when using Bold Checkout.



Payment gateways

Bold Checkout integrates with many third party payment gateways so you can find the best one that suits you and your business needs.

Please visit Connecting a Payment Processor to Bold Checkout for more information.



Update your credit card (for transaction fees)

Bold Checkout charges your transaction fees monthly.

  1. Within the Checkout admin, navigate to Account > Stored Credit Card.
  2. Select the pencil icon to edit your credit card.
  3. Enter your credit card information.
  4. Select Save.



Delayed payment capture

Bold Checkout allows you to wait before capturing your customer's payments.

Enabling delayed payment capture will only allow authorization of your customer's credit cards once they complete their order. Once the order is completed, you will need to fulfill the order in order to capture the payment. 

To enable delayed payment capture, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within the Bold Checkout admin, navigate to Settings > General settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Checkout Process section.
  3. Enable Delayed payment capture.

Alert: Payment authorizations may expire after a certain amount of time. Once expired, you will not be able to capture the payment. Please reach out to your payment gateway's support team to gather information on how long a payment has until it expires after authorization.




Deleting customers' stored credit card information

Since Bold Checkout connects to a payment gateway, it is able to remember your customer's credit card information for future purchases. This information is stored only if your customers opt in during checkout.

If you are looking to delete a payment gateway from Bold Checkout completely, you also need to delete all the stored payment information for your customers that are associated to that gateway.

To delete a customer's stored credit card information from Bold Checkout, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within the Bold Checkout admin, navigate to Customers.
  2. Click the delete button next to the customer whose card you would like to delete.
  3. Click OK.



Refunding orders

Because Bold Checkout uses third party payment gateways to process your customer's payments, orders created in Bold Checkout need to be refunded in Bold Checkout.

Please visit Refund an Order in Bold Checkout for more information.



Gift cards

Gift cards created in BigCommerce are not compatible with Bold Checkout. Only gift cards created in Bold Checkout can be used in Bold Checkout.

To see how to create gift cards in Bold Checkout, please visit Using Gift Cards with Bold Checkout.



Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a requirement included in the Second Payment Services Directive (PDS2).

Payments where both the business and the customer's bank are located in the European Economic Area need to meet SCA requirements.

Please visit Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in Bold Checkout for more information.