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Set up Tax Settings in Bold Checkout

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Bold Checkout allows you to set your own custom tax rates, use Checkout's calculated rates, or integrate TaxJar.



Using Bold Checkout as a tax provider

Bold Checkout provides live tax rates for Canada and the United States only.

Bold Checkout calculates your customer's tax rates based on your warehouse settings. When using this option, you must designate a warehouse zone for each region you want to charge tax in. The warehouse address must be a real address, but doesn't need to be your store's actual address.

As a general rule of thumb, taxes only need to be charged in areas that your store has a presence in (usually a nexus or warehouse), but there may be laws specific to each zone that require you to charge different taxes.


Your store has a warehouse in New York, USA and a customer from New York purchases an item. This customer will be charged taxes local to the state of New York and the USA.

Your store has a warehouse in New York, USA only, and a customer from Canada purchases an item. This customer will not be charged any tax.



Setting custom tax rates

You can enter your own custom tax rates. The percentage that you enter is used to calculate your customer's taxes.

Each custom tax rate needs to be defined to ensure you won't need to designate a warehouse zone in Bold Checkout for that specified tax zone.



TaxJar Integration

Bold Checkout's integration with TaxJar allows you to simplify how your customer's tax rates are calculated.

When this integration is enabled, TaxJar will calculate your customer's tax rates directly through the TaxJar service. TaxJar also collects your customer's tax information and files it on your behalf (on a pre-determined basis). Please visit TaxJar's website for more information.

For steps on connecting TaxJar, please visit the Integration Hub for Bold Checkout.



Charge settings

There are two important charge settings that Bold Checkout offers:

  • Tax is Included - When this setting is enabled, Bold Checkout does not add taxes to the order cost in the checkout, but displays the taxes that are included your product prices based on calculations for the tax rate you've entered. Please ensure the taxes are included in your product prices when enabling this setting. When this setting is disabled, taxes are displayed separately and added to the total order cost within the checkout.
  • Tax on Shipping - When this setting is enabled, Bold Checkout charges extra taxes on shipping. These are displayed underneath the shipping in the order confirmation sent to your customers.




Taxes in Europe are called VAT, which stands for Value Added Tax.




Depending on your customer's country, taxes charged through the Bold Checkout cannot be removed. This means that if VAT is currently set up, it will be a default charge on all orders.

In order to resolve this, you can change Bold Checkout's Tax Settings so that tax is added to the price of the item. Changing this ensures your customers will get charged taxes.

Bold Checkout is otherwise not able to exclude specific customers from being charged taxes.




  1. From within Bold Checkout, navigate to Payment options > Tax settings.
  2. Under Charge Settings, enable your choice of the following settings based on your needs:
    • Include taxes in the price of my products
    • Add taxes to shipping cost.

    Charge Settings

  3. Create your tax zone(s) using the following settings as needed:
    • Create with presets - This allows you to quickly add preset tax rates on a per country basis. These rates are not updated with live information, however, you can edit the tax rates as needed. 
    • Create Custom Zone - Allows you to manually set up custom tax rates for a single or group of countries. This is the setting you will need to use for the US and Canada as they are not listed within the preset North America region.

      Note: Using Bold Checkout as your tax provider is available for Canada and the US only. This automatically pulls the most up to date live tax rates for those countries.

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