Product Options Imports & Exports FAQ


It is not currently possible to migrate Product Options from one store to another. Product Options must be manually created for each store that it is installed onto.


Below are some of the most common questions regarding importing, exporting, and uploading within Product Options.



At this time, Shopify does not have a way to export line item properties (our Product Options) in the Orders .CSV export.

There is another app in the Shopify App Store, called Xporter, which may be able to export the line item properties into a spreadsheet.

Exports: You can safely export your products from Shopify. Options will not appear on the products in the .CSV file export.

Imports: It is also safe to import products with the app active. If options are applied to a group of products (collection), the options will not automatically be applied to the new products. Open the Options app, edit the relationship group, and simply re-save.

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