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Bold Subscriptions is packed with features, and can integrate with additional third party apps to help with best utilizing these features to their full potential. We have made sure that our integrations are helpful, and allow your store to achieve unique business models.

All the integrations within this article are completely supported and built in to Bold Subscriptions. They work together to help you accomplish more within our app for your Shopify store.

For a full list of all the apps that work well with Bold Subscriptions, please see our sections below:

Integrations with other Bold apps

Bold Subscriptions pairs well with many of our own apps to help your store market exactly how you'd like. This includes features like adding the ability to subscribe to wholesale amounts, customizing your products, rewarding your customers for their purchases, etc.

Bold Subscriptions & Bold Brain Integration

Pairing these two apps gives your store the ability to create subscription offers based on your store's purchase information.

Brain analyzes all of your site's orders to create ideas for subscriptions that it believes will perform well on your storefront. The app looks for products that have been purchased multiple times by the same customer over the past 90 days.


Bold Custom Pricing & Subscriptions Integration

The Bold Custom Pricing app can be integrated with Bold Subscriptions while in Variant dependant mode. This allows you to offer wholesale discounts on your subscription products.

You are also able to choose which products in your store that you would like to offer as a subscription, along with their shipment intervals. This is ideal for stores that sell large quantities of products with a discounted rate, and would like these orders to be created on a recurring basis.

For more information on completing this integration, please visit our Custom Pricing & Bold Subscriptions page.


Bold Loyalty Points & Subscriptions Integration

Loyalty points is a Bold Commerce app that allows you to offer points and rewards to your customers based on their purchases, referrals, and social media interaction on your store. This can be used to bring new customers to your store, create bonus point events to encourage orders, and offer discounts for loyalty.

When using Bold Loyalty Points with Subscriptions, your customers will be able to earn points from purchasing subscription products, and making one-time purchases on your store. The only limitation with this integration is that your customers can only claim their reward points on discounts for products that are one-time purchase orders.

Visit our Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards page for more information.


Bold Product Options & Subscriptions Integration

If you offer customizable products on your store, then you may be interested in our Bold Product Options app. The premium version is a fantastic way to offer a unique product to your customer, and will help with avoiding Shopify's 100 variant limit. You are also able to add additional costs and customizations to your products based on your customers selections, and would add a personal touch to your Standard or Convertible Subscriptions.

The line properties for Bold Product Options will appear in your customers Subscription orders, and Manage Subscription page. For more information on how these two apps work together, please see our Bold Product Options and Subscriptions Integration. 

For more information on the features and limitations included, please visit our Product Options & Subscriptions Integration information.

Bold Upsell & Subscriptions Integration

Bold Subscriptions and Upsell are compatible as long as your Subscriptions style is set to the Multiple or Recurring Cart modes. This allows you to trigger upsell or cross-sell offers when someone adds a subscription to their cart, or goes to checkout from the website.

Bold Upsell is not able to offer subscription items as upsell/cross-sell products. The subscription information does not get passed to the cart correctly when they are used as the offered item.

For more information, please visit our helpful article on Bold Upsell.

Third party app Integrations

Below is a list of apps created by third party companies that Bold Subscriptions has been integrated with. In most cases, these apps can be connected directly through the Integrations > View all Integrations section of the Bold Subscriptions admin.

Analytics & Reporting

This section goes over all of our integrations that can assist your store with tracking data and analytics for your subscription purchases on your store. 

Facebook Pixel & Bold Subscriptions Integration

Facebook Pixel is a tool that helps with tracking data and analytics from purchases that happen on your store. This records events with the intention of increasing the effectiveness of your advertising and product marketing.

Bold Subscriptions will automatically track three different events through the checkout, making it easy for you to collect valuable data from your customers who are purchasing your products. To complete this integration, go to View all Integrations in Bold Subscriptions, and enter your Facebook Pixel ID.

Once connected, the tracked information will appear in your Facebook Pixel app under Events Manager > Pixels > Subscriptions.


Google Analytics Integration with Bold Subscriptions

Currently, Bold Subscriptions has integrations with Google Analytics to help with Cross Domain Tracking, ecommerce Integrations, Advanced Tracking Scripts, and Google Autocomplete. 

Utilizing this integration will help you maintain tracking sessions for Bold Subscriptions in a way that works for your store. For more information on how each of these can benefit your store and how to get started, please see our article on Google Analytics & Advanced Tracking Scripts.


Klaviyo & Bold Subscriptions Integration
Pairing Klaviyo tracking and Bold Subscriptions together allows you to gather valuable information about your subscribers during the purchase process. This includes tracking the products, customers, and order information in order to create strategic email and social media campaigns using this data.

This integration tracks a lot of information for your customers orders, which could be beneficial for your store to have. For more information on how to complete this integration, please visit our article on Integrating Klaviyo with Bold Subscriptions.


Marketing Integrations

These apps and integrations were built to help your store with marketing. This includes providing the information to your store in order to create unique ads, and promote the Subscription products on your store.

Shoelace & Bold Subscriptions Integration

Shoelace can be integrated with Bold Subscriptions to target your customers with unique ads that promote your subscription products and drive repeat purchases from past customers.

Customers who purchase your products once but don't sign up for a subscription see branded ads that promote your subscription products. By integrating Shoelace with the Subscriptions checkout, you exclude customers who have purchased a subscription, so you only target the correct audience.

This integration will require use of Facebook Pixel. Please ensure this is integrated before completing the Shoelace & Bold Subscriptions Integration.

Visit Shoelace to learn more about its features.


Refersion & Bold Subscriptions Integration

Refersion is a fantastic tool that is used to manage, track, and grow your affiliate network. This app integrates with all major ecommerce platforms, and helps with the marketing of your store.

The integration of Refersion and Bold Subscriptions will send successful purchases events to Refersion, or when a Subscription successfully recurs on your store.

To complete this integration, go to View all Integrations in Bold Subscriptions, and enter your Refersion Public Key. This key can be found within the Account > Settings > Refersion API, here: Refersion API Keys.


Benefits & Additional Functionality


Loqate & Bold Subscriptions Integration

Using Loqate with Bold Subscriptions will assist your new subscribers with auto-completing their address information while in the checkout. This ultimately makes things easier for your customer, and allows them to complete their orders quicker.

Reducing the steps it takes for customers to check-out has been proven to increase conversion rates, and decrease the number of abandoned carts. To complete the Loqate integration, you will have to create an account. 

To complete this integration, sign into your Loqate account and go to Start Setup > Advanced. Once here, enter When this is entered, your API key will be displayed. This key can be entered within the Integrations tab of Bold Subscriptions.


ReferralCandy & Bold Subscriptions Integration

ReferralCandy is a rewards program that you can use with the Bold Subscriptions' checkout. This will allow you to recruit advocates for your store, and provide them with unique links that they can further distribute. If someone makes a purchase on your store using this link, they will earn rewards through ReferralCandy.

This allows you to reward your customers for sharing your store, and will help create a reward system and goals to keep customers coming back.

More information for completing this integration can be found by visiting our Referral Candy & Bold Subscriptions Integration article.


Zapier & Bold Subscriptions Integration

Zapier is an app that gives you the flexibility to create your custom webhooks, and then apply them to Bold Subscriptions. For more information on the Subscriptions Custom flow to create these webhooks, please see our Developers Portal. Once you have an account with Zapier, you can begin with this to create Zap Webhooks. 

Visit our Zapier & Bold Subscriptions page for more information on how to complete this integration.


Shipping & Delivery

Secomapp & Bold Subscriptions Integration

Secomapp's Store Pickup app allows you to offer additional options to your customers who may wish to pick up their orders themselves. You can integrate Bold Subscriptions with Secomapp, allowing your customers to access these pickup choices through the Subscriptions checkout.

For more information on the features and limitations for this integration, please look at our Subscriptions & Secomapp Integration page.


Store Pickup & Deliver by Zapiet

Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery app allows you to offer additional shipping options to your customers who may wish to pick up their orders themselves. Zapiet and Bold Subscriptions can be integrated to offer a pickup/deliver choice through the Subscriptions checkout.

For more information, please visit our Zapiet & Bold Subscriptions article.  

Next Steps:

It would be beneficial to Create a Test order with Bold Subscriptions in order to test out any app that you decide to integrate with. This can ensure that everything is working correctly before live orders are placed on your store.

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