Bold Bundles & Cashier Integration


Bold Bundles is a robust eCommerce app that gives you the ability to offer discounts on groups of products within your store. These items must be purchased together in order to reward your customers with a discount.

Discounts can be offered across specific products or collections within your store. You're also able to create unique buy one get one (BOGO) offers that will provide your customers with additional free products for making purchases on your store.

To create these discounted products, Bold Bundles generally creates a hidden product variant within your Shopify admin that is discounted. Once the proper bundle of products is purchased, it will add those discounted variants to the order.

With the integration for Bold Bundles with Cashier, your store will be able to provide these discounts to your customers without having to create additional discount variants within your store.


This integration requires Version 3 of Bundles. This version uses the Accelerated Method of discounting; Which is able to pass your discount group pricing to Cashier correctly.

Please visit Identify Your Bold Bundles Version for steps on identifying your Bundles version and for steps on how to figure out which version of the app is currently active on your Shopify store.

If your store is currently on Version 1 or 2 of Bold Bundles, please visit Bold Bundles V3 Upgrade & Process to learn more about how to upgrade the app.

Note: Bundles V1 must be upgraded to V2 before the upgrade to V3 can be completed. You're not able to move directly from V1 to V3.

If you have any issues during the upgrade process, please contact our Merchant Success Team.


This step-by-step is for your store if you have not yet activated the Bold Pricing integration with Cashier. This is required in order to have our two apps communicate with one another.

To integrate Bundles with Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Cashier.
  3. Select Marketplace.
  4. Select Install on the "Bold Pricing" option.
  5. Select Allow.

Now that this integration is activated, you are now able to get started with building the Bold Bundles app! Please review our Bold Bundles Getting Started article for a walkthrough on setting this up on your store.



This integration is currently incompatible with a couple other Bold Apps. This includes Bold Subscriptions and Bold Product Options Premium.

Due to the way these apps adjust the pricing on your storefront, they are unable to work with this integration for Bundles & Bold Cashier together. Our developers are currently working on a solution, and this article will be updated as these integrations are further completed.

Third party checkouts such as Amazon Pay, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc should also be hidden from the cart and product pages, and only visible within your store's checkout. This will ensure that the discounts are properly applied for your Bold Bundles purchases.

Other third party discounting apps may have troubles working with bundled products, depending on how they discount the products on your store.


Additional Integrations

We pride ourselves in our ability to make our apps work together, to ensure that you have plenty of options for adding great features to your Shopify stores.

Please see a list of additional Bold apps below that can be paired in addition to this integration:

Bold Custom Pricing

Our Bold Custom Pricing app is a dynamic eCommerce tool that offers two main functionalities: wholesale pricing and quantity-based pricing. This app allows you to offer varying discounts to different customers, or customer groups. (For example, "Bronze" customers receive 5% off, while "Silver" customers receive 10% off, etc.)

Quantity-based pricing allows you to provide discounts based on how many of a product your customers purchase. This rewards your customers with higher discounts when they purchase in higher quantities of your products. 

For more information on adding this great feature to your store, please visit our Bold Custom Pricing & Cashier integration article.


Bold Upsell

Our Bold Upsell app is versatile, and allows you to offer additional products to your customers based on their interactions with your store.

The main functionality of this app is to show a pop-up with additional items while your customers are adding products to their cart, checking out, or even after they've completed their purchases.

For more information on adding this app to your store to increase conversions, please visit our Bold Upsell & Cashier integration article.


Bold Loyalty Points

Our Bold Loyalty Points app provides your store with the ability to offer a robust loyalty program to your customers. They are able to earn points for their purchases, and also redeem those points for discounts on future orders, free shipping, or various other custom rewards.

To start rewarding your customers with discounts, visit our Bold Loyalty & Cashier integration article to get started.

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