Customer Facing Emails in Bold Cashier


This article is specific to Bold Cashier on Shopify. If your store is using Bold Checkout, please visit the articles relevant for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or commercetools, here.


Since Bold Cashier is integrated with Shopify, the regular emails Shopify sends to your customers will also be sent to your customers through Bold Cashier. Once an order has been created by Bold Cashier, they will receive an order confirmation email from Shopify.

All emails that apply to a regular Shopify order after it's been generated should still apply and send out to your customers, with the exception of abandoned cart emails.

Similar to the Shopify checkout, Bold Cashier also has a marketing newsletter option that customers can enable in the checkout. 

If Bold Cashier and Bold Multi-Currency are used together, it's also recommended to add a converted currency to the order confirmation email to show your customers the amount that they paid in their own local currency. 

For steps on enabling the abandoned cart emails, enabling the marketing newsletter checkbox and adding a converted currency to the order confirmation email, please see the following sections below: 



Customize the Abandoned Cart Emails

Bold Cashier offers its own abandoned cart emails for customization. Because Bold Cashier uses its own checkout process, these emails must be enabled and customized to continue sending abandoned cart reminders to your customers.

Note: Shopify's abandoned cart emails will not be sent for orders that are processed through Cashier.

To change the content of the abandoned cart emails and how they are sent, please follow these steps:

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select Orders, then Abandoned Cart Settings
  2. Select the Enable abandoned cart emails toggle.

    Note: Leaving this disabled will not send abandoned cart emails to your customers.

  3. Choose the wait time of sending the email after the cart is abandoned (i.e. One hour, Six hours, Twenty-four hours).
  4. Select Do you want to allow multiple emails to be sent in a 24 hour period If you would like to do so.

    Note: This will only apply to newly abandoned cart. Each individual abandoned cart will only send one email.

  5. Edit the Subject Line as needed.
  6. Edit the Email Content as needed.

    Note: You can update the source code of the emails by selecting Tools > Source Code

  7. Select Save.



Change Your Marketing Newsletter Settings

Bold Cashier provides you with the ability to choose how your customers subscribe to your marketing material.

You can have them opt-in or opt-out by default, or hide the selection box altogether.

Bold Cashier also offers an override feature that can be used to only send marketing emails to customers that have opted in for accepting marketing, or to all customers regardless if they have opted in or not. 

To change your marketing email settings and adjust the override setting, please follow these steps:

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select Settings, then General Settings.
  2. Navigate to Email Marketing and select one of the following options:

    Email Marketing Options

    • Unchecked by default - This means your marketing newsletter will be unchecked when customers check out from your site. Your customers will have to specifically opt-in to receive your marketing material. We generally suggest selecting this option if you're selling to regions that have local anti-spam legislation.
    • Checked by default - This means your marketing newsletter will be selected when customers check out from your site. Your customers will have to opt-out from receiving your marketing material if they do not want to be emailed. This option may not be ideal if you're selling to regions that have local anti-spam legislation; as it may violate those laws.
    • Hidden - This option will hide your marketing newsletter selection box from Cashier's checkout. This is a good option if you do not regularly send out marketing material. When hidden, the checkbox will act as if it is not checked, so the customers will not be automatically subscribing to your marketing emails without knowing.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Select Orders, then Abandoned Cart Settings
  5. Under Send marketing emails to:, select one of the override options:

    Email Marketing Override Options

    • Only customers who have opted in to accept marketing - This means that only customers that have selected the marketing email option in the Bold Cashier checkout will receive your marketing emails. 
    • All customers - This means that all of your customers, regardless of selecting the accept marketing option in Bold Cashier, will receive your marketing emails. 

      Note: You will need to ensure that you are complying with anti spam regulations.
  6. Select Save.



Show Converted Currency Amount on the Order Confirmation


This code only adds a line to the Order Confirmation email that shows what the customer paid. It will not convert the currency of the other prices in the email.

Bold Cashier uses Shopify's order confirmation email template to show your customers the amount they paid in their currency.

To show the customer's converted currency amount, please follow these steps:

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Settings.

    Note: This is located in the bottom left corner of your Shopify admin.

  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Select Order confirmation.
    • If you're using Shopify's template, copy and paste the default order confirmation code over top of the Email body (HTML) section.

      Confirmation Order Code

    • If you're using a custom template, copy and paste the customized order confirmation code just below </table> for the Total line.

      End of Table

  4. Select Save.
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