Google Autocomplete & Bold Cashier Integration


Bold Cashier integrates with Google Autocomplete to provide your customers with the flexibility to more easily use your stores checkout.

Autocomplete uses Google's API technology to find addresses relevant to what the customer is typing in your checkout. 

To integrate Google Autocomplete with Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Google API Console.
  2. Select Select a project.
  3. Select your project. If you do not have a project yet, you would instead select Create Project.
  4. Enter a Project name.
  5. Select Browse to choose a location.
  6. Select the location, then choose Select.
  7. Select Create.
  8. Look for the Google Places API Web Service and Google Maps Javascript API.
    If the APIs are not listed, they can be enabled with the next steps:
  9. Select Enable API's and Services.
  10. Search for Places API, and select it.
  11. Select Enable.
  12. Search for Google Maps Javascript API.
  13. Select the Google Maps Javascript API, and Enable.
  14. Select Credentials. If there are no credentials, you will need to create one.
  15. Select API Key.
  16. Select the API Key Name.
  17. Under "Key restriction", review what is selected:
  18. If "HTTP referrers (websites)" is selected, enter in the "Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (websites)" field.
  19. Select Save.
  20. Select the API key, and Copy it.
  21. Open the Bold Cashier app through Shopify.
  22. Select Settings, then General Settings.
  23. Navigate to the "Google Autocomplete" section.
  24. Enter the API key, and select Save.
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