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Bold Checkout is packed with features, and can integrate with additional third party apps to help with best utilizing these features to their full potential. We have made sure that our integrations are useful, and allow your store to achieve unique business models.

All the integrations within this article are completely supported and built in to Bold Checkout. They work together to help you accomplish more within our app for your Shopify store.

If your store currently uses a fully automated email flow, this should be tested with Bold Checkout. We are unable to guarantee that emails for actions performed by your customers within the checkout will accurately be sent through an automated email provider (for example, abandoned cart emails). To test this functionality on your store, please Create a Test Order with Bold Checkout.

For a full list of all the apps that work well with Bold Checkout, please see our sections below:



Integrations with other Bold apps

Bold Subscriptions Pro & Checkout Integration

Bold Checkout integrates with Bold Subscriptions Pro to provide you with the benefits of using Bold Checkout, and the ability to offer subscription options to your customers.

Since both of these apps are packed with useful and customizable features, we would recommend visiting our helpful Bold Subscriptions Pro & Checkout integration article for more information.

Multi-Currency & Bold Checkout integration

Bold Multi-Currency gives your customers the flexibility to pay in the currency of their choice.

You can use as many payment gateways as you want on the site and map different gateways to different currencies (ex: have CAD payments go to a CAD gateway, etc.).

Multi-Currency can display any currency on your storefront; the only limitation is which currencies your payment gateway(s) can accept.

For more information, please see our Multi-Currency & Bold Checkout integration. 



Third party app Integrations

Below is the full list of apps created by third party companies that Bold Checkout has been integrated with. In most cases, these apps can be connected directly through the app.

Analytics & Reporting

This section goes over all of our integrations that can assist your store with tracking data and analytics for your Checkout purchases on your store. 

Google Analytics & Bold Checkout Integration

Bold Checkout can use Google Analytics to track your customer's journey through your store. You can use it to help understand where your customers may be dropping off, and where you may need to make changes to improve conversion.

When Google Analytics is set up on Bold Checkout and Shopify, it will track your customer's journey through your store to the checkout. 

Bold Checkout sends page views to Google Analytics for the following "screens":

  • "/customer_information"
  • "/shipping_method"
  • "/payment_method"
  • "/confirmation_page"

Your checkout should be set to the 3 page rather than 1 page mode in order for the tracking to recognize each of these distinct sections.

Payment & Payment Gateway Integrations 

TaxJar & Checkout Integration

Bold Checkout is integrated with TaxJar to simplify how your customer's tax rates are calculated within its checkout. This integration lets TaxJar calculate your customer's rates on their order directly through their service. TaxJar also collects all of your customer's tax information and files it on your behalf, on a pre-determined basis.

For more information on setting up a TaxJar account, please visit their website. To complete this integration, open Bold Checkout and navigate to Payments, then Tax Settings. Beside the "TaxJar" option, select Connect.

From here, you will enter your TaxJar API token.

Wallet Pay via Stripe & Bold Checkout Integration

Bold Checkout integrated with Wallet Pay Services (Apple Pay & Google Pay) to provide your customers with more flexibility for their payment options.

This integration is provided through Stripe, which means that it must be the payment gateway you are using (while in live mode) in order to offer wallet pay options through Checkout.

To connect this integration on your store, open Bold Checkout and navigate to Payment Gateways. When you connect to Stripe, there will be an option to enable the Wallet pay functionality.

Features & Benefits

Yappn & Bold Checkout Integration

Yappn currently integrates with Bold Checkout to help provide your customers with an automatic translation into the language of their choice. The customer is presented with a dropdown menu within the Bold Checkout that allows them to select their desired language.

To integrate Yappn, open our Bold Checkout app and navigate to Settings > Language Settings. From here, select Import Language.

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