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Create Shipping Zones in Bold Checkout

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Shipping zones in Bold Cashier determine where your customers can order to, how much their shipping will cost, and what types of shipping your store offers. Shipping zones can have carrier-calculated rates, price-based rates, and weight-based rates.

Before you can set up your shipping, you must create a warehouse zone. This contains your warehouse address and is the location your products are shipped from. This location is used to calculate shipping and tax information for your customers. You can have more than one warehouse zone, but you must have at least one.



Create a warehouse zone

To create a warehouse zone, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Bold Checkout, navigate to Shipping Warehouse Settings.
  2. Click Create zone.
  3. Enter your warehouse address.
  4. Enter a Zone name.
  5. Search and select the country or countries this warehouse ships to.
  6. Click Save.



Create a shipping zone

  1. From within Bold Checkout, navigate to Shipping > Shipping Zones.
  2. Click Create Zone.
  3. Enter a Zone name, and select the country or countries this zone should apply to.
  4. Set up the types of shipping rates you would like to offer.

    Note: You can set price-based, weight-based, and custom or standard carrier-calculated shipping rates. Please visit Shipping Rates in Bold Checkout for more information. 

  5. Click Save.



Use custom package shipping dimensions

If you sell products that measure outside of the standard shipping size, you can adjust your custom package shipping dimensions directly through Bold Checkout.

If you decide to leave it as the default, the shipping dimensions will default to 28 x 21.50 x 2.10cm.

  1. From within Bold Checkout, navigate to Settings > General Settings.
  2. Next to Custom Package Dimension Settings, select the toggle to enable.
  3. Adjust your package dimensions accordingly.

    Package Dimensions Pre Save

  4. Click Save.