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Notifications in Bold Checkout

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Bold Checkout provides both merchant facing admin notifications and customer facing abandoned cart email notifications.



Admin notifications

Bold Checkout will notify you of any issues with the app. Red notifications are critical and blue notifications are informational. These appear as a bell icon on the top right corner of the Bold Checkout admin. If you do not see the bell icon, there are no outstanding issues.



Abandoned cart email notifications

Bold Checkout allows you to send abandoned carts to customers who weren't able to complete their purchase(s).

Because Bold Checkout uses its own checkout process, these emails must be enabled and customized before they can be sent.

Note: BigCommerce's abandoned cart emails will not be sent for orders that are processed through Bold Checkout.

  1. From within Bold Checkout, select Orders, then Abandoned Cart Settings.
  2. Select the Enable abandoned cart emails

    Note: Leaving this disabled will not send abandoned cart emails to your customers.

  3. Choose the wait time of sending the email after the cart is abandoned.
  4. Select Do you want to allow multiple emails to be sent in a 24 hour period. (optional)
  5. Edit the Subject Line as needed.
  6. Edit the Email Content as needed.
  7. Select Save.



Email marketing

Bold Checkout allows you to choose how customers can subscribe to your marketing material. You can offer customers the choice to opt-in by default, opt-out by default, or hide this selection altogether.

Alternatively, Bold Checkout offers an override feature that only sends marketing emails to those who have opted in, or to all of your customers regardless if they've opted in or not.

To choose your email marketing settings, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Bold Checkout select Settings > General Settings.
  2. Navigate to Email Marketing and select one of the following options:

    Email Marketing Options

    • Unchecked by default: The marketing checkbox will remain unchecked.
    • Checked by default: The marketing checkbox will automatically be checked.
    • Hidden: The marketing checkbox will automatically be hidden.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Select Orders, then Abandoned Cart Settings.
  5. Under Send marketing emails to:, select one of the override options:

    Email Marketing Override Options

    • Only customers who have opted in to accept marketing: The email will only be sent to those who've opted in.
    • All customers: The email will be sent to all of your customers, regardless if they've opted in or not.

      Note: If this option is selected, please ensure this option is set appropriately to assist towards compliance with email privacy and marketing legislation in regions your store operates.

  6. Click Save.



If your customer has chosen to opt into marketing, the Receive ACS/Review Emails field will be set to Yes within their BigCommerce customer account.

Recieve ACS Review Emails

For more information on leveraging the newsletter feature in BigCommerce, please visit their article Newsletter and Email Marketing Settings.