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Troubleshooting Line Items in the Checkout

  • Updated

Within Bold Subscriptions, you may notice that the line items for your products are not appearing within the Checkout. This means that the the order is likely going through as a one-time purchase, instead of being created in Bold Subscriptions.

Line items appear below the product title in the checkout. You can see an example of this, here:





If you notice that your orders are not going through your stores checkouts as subscriptions, please troubleshoot with the following steps:

Within Bold Checkout, go to the Marketplace to ensure that Bold Subscriptions 2 has been installed. If it has not been installed, then the subscription line item will be unable to correctly pass through the checkout.


If the integration was installed correctly within Checkout's Marketplace, then you will need to check to ensure the Bold Checkout has two loader scripts installed in the Script Manager. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. In BigCommerce's admin, select Storefront then Script Manager.
  2. Locate the script that says Bold Cashier Loader or Bold Checkout Loader.
  3. If there are any duplicates of these scripts, remove one of them.