Product Options 3rd-Party Integrations


Product Options integrates with a couple of third party apps to allow options to appear in a correct format.

Product Options has an integration with Order Printer by Shopify to allow options to appear on order templates created in Order Printer.

Product Options also has an integration with PageFly to allow options created from Product Options to appear on product templates created in PageFly.


For help on setting up each integration, please follow these steps: 

Display Product Options in Shopify Order Printer App

Please follow these steps to update the template:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Order Printer.
  3. Select Manage templates.

    Select Manage Templates

  4. Select Add template.

    Select Add Template

  5. Enter a Name for the template.
  6. In the "Code" field, copy and paste this Order Printer Template: Product Options Template Code

    Copy and paste code into template

  7. Select Save.

Display Product Options Widget on PageFly Product Template

By default, Bold Product Options will not show on a PageFly product page. We need to add a bit of code into their application in order to display the options widget.

To show the Options widget on PageFly, please follow these steps:

  1. From within your Shopify admin, select Apps, then PageFly BuilderProduct Pages.
  2. Edit a Product Page and make sure the Default "Product Details" is set to Hide.

    Pagefly Product Details

  3. Add Product Details to the page by dragging and dropping.

    Drag and Drop Example

  4. Drag and drop an HTML5/LIQUID element and insert it between or above the qty and the add to cart button.

    Drag and Drop HTML5/Liquid

    Frontend Example

  5. Once the HTML5/LIQUID element is chosen, select Open Code Editor.

    Select Open Code Editor

  6. In the Code Editor modal, insert the following line of code:
    <div class="bold_options" data-product-id="{{ }}"></div>

    Insert Code

  7. Select Save & Close.
  8. Select Publish.

To test that this worked, reload your product page and ensure that the Product Options are showing.

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