Bold Cashier Overview: Discount Codes


This article is specific to Bold Cashier on Shopify. If your store is using Bold Checkout, please visit the articles relevant for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or commercetools, here.


Bold Cashier allows you to create discount codes that can be used by your customers on the Cashier checkout page. 

Discount codes created in Bold Cashier allow you to set specific conditions and requirements for it, preventing it from being used multiple times by the same customer.

Discount codes can be used for multiple reasons:

  • Gain customers by advertising a discount code on social media.
  • Encourage existing customers to return by providing a loyalty discount through email.
  • Resolve customer issues to regain trust.




By default, discount codes created in Shopify do not work in the Bold Cashier checkout. However, the Bold Discount Connector plugin can be installed in Bold Cashier to allow discount codes created in Shopify to work in the Bold Cashier checkout. The steps outlined below will go into further detail on the setup of this integration. 

Note: Shopify's Automatic Discounts feature will not work with the Bold Discount Connector; only discount codes will work.



Bold Discount Connector Setup

If you already have discount codes set up in Shopify, you can enable the Bold Discount Connector in Bold Cashier's Marketplace. Enabling this feature allows discount codes created in Shopify to also work in Bold Cashier. 

For steps on enabling this integration, please follow these steps: 

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select Marketplace.
  2. Select Install on the Bold Discount Selector option.
  3. Select Install unlisted app.
  4. Select Allow.

Bold Discount Connector Limitations

While discount codes created in Shopify can be used in the Bold Cashier checkout, there are a few limitations while using Bold Discount Connector:

Buy X Get Y Amount

  • Automatic Discounts are not compatible with Cashier and the Bold Discount Connector.
  • Some plugins may override the discount codes in Cashier themselves, and in those cases, Bold Discounts being used with the Bold Discount Connector won't work. Depending on the plugin, discount codes may work in some cases, and not in others.
    • Ex: Bold Subscriptions has discount codes that take over Cashier's discount codes; similar to the Bold Discount Connector. It's possible that discount codes from Shopify will work with orders from Subscriptions, but we can't guarantee that discount codes will work in all cases.
  • When grouping discount codes for more than 10,000 customers, the app may experience performance troubles. This causes the initial attempt to apply the discount codes to fail.

    If these changes fail, please try again after a couple minutes. This process should complete successfully the second time.




When integrated with Bold Subscriptions V1, every discount code that's created within Shopify or Bold Subscriptions must have a unique name. You cannot have a discount code in both that is the same name.

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