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In this article we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions questions regarding bundles on your store. Select a question to view the answer below.



Yes, Bold Bundles now allows you to use the same product in multiple bundles on the premium plan. This works across all of the different bundle types you can create (BOGO, Groups, and Mix & Match).

If a customer individually adds the same product to their cart, from different bundle types, the priority of the discounts are applied like so:

  1. BOGOs
  2. Groups
  3. Mix & Match

When a bundle is added to the cart from the widget, the customer will only receive the discount associated with that bundle. The cart then locks this customer's bundle pricing so no other bundle discounts are applied on top of these products.

Yes, with Mix & Match bundles you can create collection based bundles. Mix & Match ensures customers are required to purchase an item from specific collections in order to qualify for a discount.

For example: Buy any shoes, any pants, and any shirt to get 10% off.

This can depend on the discounting method Bundles is using.  In general, you can't restrict the use of coupons through Bundles' admin.

However, if Bold Bundles is set to the Draft Order or Accelerated Draft Order Method, both of these discount methods use a draft order to apply discounts for bundles in the checkout page. These draft order checkouts do not have the discount code field and as a result, a discount code cannot be used in the checkout page. 

If Bold Bundles is set to Variant Dependent Method, your customer will be able to use discount codes unless you specifically ensure there are no active discount codes for the products in a bundle.


For more information on how each discount method works with Bold Bundles, please visit Discounting Methods & How-to Switch Methods in Bold Bundles.

Yes. You can adjust the bundle widget location on the product page by moving the bundle include in your theme liquid code.

The steps on changing the bundle widget location depends on the discount method you are using with Bold Bundles on your store.


If you are not sure which discount method you are currently using, please visit Discounting Methods & How-to Switch Methods in Bold Bundles for help with determining your discount method.

For more information on changing the bundle location for each discount method, please see the steps below:



V1 & V2 (Variant Dependant & Draft Order) Steps

Within the theme files, complete the following steps.

  1. Under "Templates", select product.liquid.

    Note: If your theme contains sections, you may have to make these changes in product-template.liquid under "Sections".

  2. Find the following code in the liquid file and move the liquid code up or down the file:

    {% unless bundle_loaded == 'true' %}
    {% include 'shappify-bdl-load-bundle' %}
    {% assign bundle_loaded = 'true' %}
    {% endunless %}

    Note: This code cannot be moved within the form tags. We recommend adding it either after the </form> tag or just before the code that outputs the related products. If you can't find the </form> tag in the product.liquid file, check the snippets folder for a product-form.liquid or short-form.liquid file and look for the code in there.

  3. Select Save.



V3 (Accelerated Draft Order) Steps

Within the theme files, complete the following steps.

  1. Under "Templates", select product.liquid.

    Note: If your theme is using "Sections", the contents for this file may be within product-template.liquid.

  2. Find the following code in the liquid file and move the liquid code up or down the file:

    {%- render 'shappify-bdl-load-bundle' -%}

    Note: Generally, most store owners will place just below your product page's </form> tag.

  3. Select Save.

Bundles is designed to function within Shopify's Online Store environment. We're not able to provide troubleshooting assistance with other sales channels. Combo products are also not compatible with the Shopify POS sales channel. Offering these items through Shopify POS causes issues with the inventory of the items contained in the combo product.

Combo products can be offered through other sales channels; with the exception of Shopify POS. When a combo product is sold through another channel, it's not broken up into the items that are associated with the bundle. This is because there is no cart page for the customer to land on that allows this to happen. Instead, the singular combo product is passed through the checkout and attached to the order.

The combo product notes, on the order, which items are needed for fulfillment through your Shopify admin.


This is not compatible with order fulfillment apps (ex: Oberlo, TradeGecko, etc.). The products selected by the customer are only placed as a note on the order. They do not come through to your Shopify admin as individual items. Orders with combo products, sold through another sales channel, would need to be fulfilled manually.

To make these orders stand out in your Shopify admin, they're tagged with BUNDLES_COMBO_PRODUCT. The inventory is then deducted from each product that was purchased in the bundle.

Bundle products that have a variant selection will use the default variant in stock for each of the products your customers select.


Your customers are not able to select specific variants when offering combo products through other sales channels.

Yes. You can offer gift type basket bundles on your store. We recommend adding in the products you are offering as a gift either in a group or buy/get type bundle as one of the "get" products you are offering.


Products that are set as a Gift type product in your Shopify admin cannot be selected in Bold Bundles. The gift type product would need to be set as a regular product type in your Shopify admin to be selectable in Bold Bundles.

Combo products can represent bundles that have variants attached to their items. The combo product page shows a variant selector to the customer with the associated products' names, as well as the quantities of each product.

The main restriction with this feature is that all of the variants on each product must be the same price. Bundles won't allow you to make a combo product if an item in the created bundle has variants that vary in price.


Example: Product A has three variants that are $15, $20, and $25 - a combo product could not be created for a bundle that contains this item. Product B has three variants that are all $20 - a combo product can be created for a bundle that contains this item.


This only applies to stores using the Variant Dependant Method of Bold Bundles. The Draft Order or Accelerated Method does not create variants. If you are not sure which discount method you are currently using, please visit Discounting Methods & How-to Switch Methods in Bold Bundles for help with determining your discount method.

Yes, it's possible. Bundles will double the variants on a product that is included in a bundle offer. As long as you have 50 or less variants, you won't have an issue. If you have more than 50, you will not be able to use that product in a bundle sale.

Bold Bundles uses the tax rates that you have set within your Shopify admin when a bundle discount is present in the checkout page. This applies to all of the discount methods that are available in Bold Bundles.

All of the images for the products that the bundle is composed of get attached to the combo product. You can edit the combo product image from within the Products section of your Shopify admin.


Do not edit the inventory or titles or titles of the combo product. The combo product is simply a place holder for the individual products that make up the bundle. Product titles and inventory are dependent on the actual products which make up the bundle.

No. Dynamic Buy Now buttons on your product pages will skip the necessary add bundle to cart functionality that Bold Bundles requires when your customers add a bundle of products to the checkout. If the Buy Now button is used on a product page, this will cause orders to not receive the bundle discount set from within Bold Bundles.

Dynamic Buy Now Button

To remove this button from your store, please follow the steps on the Dynamic Checkout Buttons on Shopify article.

No. Bundles works on the product level only. All of the variants that exist for the product will be included and available to purchase within the bundle.

For some common issues that can arise in Bundles along with steps to resolve the issues, please visit Troubleshooting with Bold Bundles.

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