Collaborator Request is Denied

Collaborator accounts are used by our Customer Success team to gain access to your Shopify admin.

The goal for this access is to help with the installation of the Bold Liquid code to your store, or to help our app specialists resolve an issue you may be facing within the app.

If the Collaborator access request that is sent from Bold is denied, Shopify places a hold on the account. This hold will prevent Bold from sending another request until the denied request hold is removed from your store by Shopify.



Steps to Take

When this hold is placed on your store by Shopify, Bold is unable to request another Collaborator account until the hold is removed by Shopify. If your store has declined this access, please reach out to your Shopify Partner to remove this hold.

If you are not sure on how to reach your Shopify Partner, you can also reach out to Shopify Support.

For security purposes, Bold is unable to reach out to a Shopify Partner on your behalf. Please reach out to your Shopify Partner for more assistance.

Please also visit requesting access to a client's store for more information on Collaborator accounts. 

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