Combo Products in Bold Bundles


The information in this article will focus on the additional feature, Combo Products. Combo Products are available on the premium version of Bold Bundles.

Combo Products are an added optional feature of Bold Bundles. With the premium plan, you're able to create a Combo Product within Group type bundles in the Bundles admin. 

Combo Products act as a placeholder for group type bundles created in your store. A combo product is a new item that Bundles creates on a separate product page. This holds the place of the associated bundle's products, and lets your customers purchase an entire bundle by adding one product to their cart.




Purchasing the combo product adds all the items associated with the bundle to the cart at once. In the cart, the bundle will separate into its individual products. This ensures that the inventory for each product that makes up the Combo Product bundle is reduced accordingly when the order has been purchased by your customer.

Combo Products are created as an individual product on your store and display on the storefront similar to the following example below:

Combo Product Storefront Example

When the Combo Product is added into the cart, it is then split up into each product that makes up the bundle: 

Combo Produc on Cart Page Example




A Combo Product can be created in group type bundles after you have selected your products within the bundle edit page: 

Combo Product in the Bundles admin

More information on creating a Combo Product

Note: Combo Products can only be created when the products that are selected in the group type bundle do not have ranging prices.

  • Product A has three variants that are $15, $20, and $25 - a combo product cannot be created for a bundle that contains this item.
  • Product B has three variants that are all $20 - a combo product can be created for a bundle that contains this item.
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