Set a Custom Hostname for Bold Cashier


This article is specific to Bold Cashier on Shopify. If your store is using Bold Checkout, please visit the articles relevant for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or commercetools, here.


Bold Cashier allows you to use a custom hostname for its checkout process.

This customization involves changing your DNS settings. Please do not attempt this if you are not comfortable with DNS settings. If you modify the URL, the field becomes locked and you will need to contact our Merchant Success team for further changes.

To add a custom checkout hostname to Cashier, we'll first need to make changes to its admin:

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  2. Navigate to Custom Checkout Hostname Settings.
  3. Enable the Custom Hostname option and take note of the address provided by the app.

    Note: The address should begin with custom-hostname-01/02 or something similar.



These instructions are specifically for GoDaddy. Other domain name providers may have different navigations.

Next, you'll need to change your site's DNS settings:

  1. Go to the settings area of your domain name provider.
  2. Navigate to the DNS Management section.
  3. Select Create New DNS Record.

    Note: Double check that the DNS record you're creating is a CNAME.

  4. The Host area will use your subdomain name. For example, if you are using, make the host checkout.

    Note: Your custom hostname needs to be a CNAME/subdomain (,, etc.).

  5. Enter the address that was provided to you by Cashier in the Points To section (custom-hostname-01/02 or something similar).
  6. Leave the TTL area at the default setting.
  7. Save the DNS record.

Lastly, you'll navigate back to Cashier's settings:

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Custom Checkout Hostname Settings section.
  3. Paste your custom hostname in the Custom Checkout Hostname field.
  4. Select Save Hostname Settings.

    Note: You cannot change your custom hostname settings once they are saved.

  5. Cashier will then notify you whether or not this was successful.

    Note: This can take up to 48 hours before the change is reflected on your storefront.

If you are not able to add a custom hostname URL into Bold Cashier, you can also change the URL alias in Bold Cashier. Changing the URL alias in Bold Cashier will still show "" in the URL, however, you can add your store's name to the end of the checkout URL.

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Custom Checkout Hostname Settings and under Default URL Address:, enter the alias you would like to amend to the end of Bold Cashier's checkout URL.
  3. Select Save URL Alias.
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