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Bold Cashier General Settings

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This article outlines all of the different adjustments you can make within Bold Cashier's general settings.



Test Cashier

Within this section, you can test Cashier on different unpublished themes on your store.

It's highly recommended performing several tests on an unpublished (backup) theme to ensure that Cashier is functioning as it should when you go live to your customers.

For more information on testing Cashier on an unpublished theme, please visit Place a Test Order with Bold Cashier.



To keep your branding consistent, you can add your own logo to the Bold Cashier checkout page.

By default, if a logo is not uploaded to the Bold Cashier admin, the store name will be displayed in text at the top of the Bold Checkout page.

Note: You can upload a still image file (.jpeg, .png, .bmp, .svg) or a GIF as your logo. Your logo cannot be larger than 600x200px and/or 2MB.

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Logo section, and select Upload File under Header.
  3. Select a file that contains your store's logo. 
  4. Select Save.



Add a favicon

Favicons display within a browser tab:


To add a favicon to Cashier's checkout, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Logo section, and select Upload File under Favicon.
  3. Select a file that contains the Favicon.

    Note: Your favicon image must be a .PNG file, no larger than 512KB and can be up to 256x256 pixels. The favicon will be resized to the correct size (generally 16x16).

  4. Select Save.




The Appearance section of Bold Cashier's General Settings allows you to further customize the checkout experience for your customers. From here, you can select between a traditional three-page checkout, or a more condensed one-page checkout experience.

You can also add custom CSS code here. If you'd like one of our partners to complete a paid customization for your store, please reach out to Storetasker via this form or HeyCarson via this form.

A three-page checkout will split the checkout experience into three sections: 

  1. Customer Information
    1. This page contains forms for a customer's email address, shipping information, and billing address, as well as the newsletter sign-up checkbox if you have this enabled.
  2. Shipping Method
    1. This is where customers will choose from the shipping options you've made available.
  3. Payment Method
    1. Customers will choose their method of payment and complete their purchase here.

A one-page checkout has all of this information laid out on one page.



Checkout Process settings

There are a number of options inside of the Checkout Process settings which allow you to customize how your checkout looks, as well as how people can interact with it.

  1. From within Bold Cashier, select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  2. Under Checkout Process, change the desired settings.
  3. Select Save at the bottom of Checkout Process.


Customer Account

Under Customer Account, the following two settings can be adjusted:

  • Require customers to be signed in before checkout
    • Requires customers purchasing products on the storefront to log into an account on your store prior to accessing the app.
  • Send your customer an invite to create an account on your store
    • Sends an account creation invitation to the customer after a successful purchase. This email will only send to the customer if they purchased an order using a guest account.


Order Status

Under Order Status, one of the following two settings can be selected:

  • Unfulfilled
    • When an order is generated from the Cashier checkout, the order will be generated as unfulfilled by default. 
  • Fulfilled
    • When an order is generated from the Cashier checkout, the order will be generated as fulfilled by default.


Company Name Information

Under Company Name Information, one of the following three settings can be selected:

  • Optional
    • Allows customers to enter a company name in Bold Cashier, but is not mandatory.
  • Required
    • Changes the Company Name field to be required for customers to fill in before progressing further.
  • Hidden
    • Removes the Company Name field from Bold Cashier.


Phone Number

You can make the phone number field required for your customers.


Set up delayed payment capture

You can delay the payment capture for orders processed through Bold Cashier.

Enabling this feature will authorize the payment, but not charge the customer until the order has been marked as fulfilled in your Shopify admin. This setting can be useful if you do not want to charge your customers immediately after the order's been processed.

If you don't ship the order out on the same day it processed, you can enable Delayed Payment Capture to charge the customer on the same day that you do ship the order by. You will then need to change the status of the order from unfulfilled, to fulfilled, from within the Shopify admin.

Note: Authorizations can only be held for a short period of time, which varies depending on your payment gateway. Once the authorization's expired, we will not be able to capture payments. Please reach out to your payment gateway's support team for more information.


Email Settings

Under Email Settings, there are three email settings that can be adjusted:

  • Notification email
    • Changes the email that receives automated notifications from Bold Cashier, such as failed payment captures.
  • From email
    • Changes the email that is used for all outgoing emails that Bold Cashier sends to your customers.

      Alert: As of February 1, 2024, Google and Yahoo require valid email authentication. To ensure your customers continue to receive these notifications, please visit Improve Email Deliverability.

  • Support email
    • Changes the email address that is displayed on the order confirmation email page sent to customers after an order has been successfully generated.


Email Marketing

Alert: Some countries have legislations that require a merchant selling to those countries comply with their anti-spam regulations, including GDPR and CANSPAM. Please review these regulations to ensure you are complying with them.

Under Email Marketing, one of the three following settings can be selected:

  • Unchecked by default
    • Sets the newsletter checkbox in Bold Cashier as unchecked by default, allowing customers to voluntarily signup for your newsletter.
  • Checked by default
    • Checks the newsletter checkbox by default. This sets all customers that place an order through Bold Cashier to automatically be signed up to your newsletter. 

      Customers can voluntarily choose to opt out of the newsletter by un-selecting the newsletter checkbox.

  • Hidden
    • Removes the newsletter checkbox in Bold Cashier.


Default Shipping Option

Under Default Shipping Options, one of the two following settings can be selected:

  • Least expensive first
    • Shipping options will be displayed from least expensive to most expensive on orders that have multiple shipping options in Bold Cashier.
  • Most expensive first
    • Shipping options will be displayed from most expensive to least expensive on orders that have multiple shipping options in Bold Cashier.



Address autocomplete

This section of the General Settings allows you to connect an address autocomplete tool to verify and auto-populate the address fields within your checkout.

This integration helps with speeding up the data entry for your customers while also reducing errors.

For more information on setting up an Address Autocomplete Integration, please visit Third Party Integrations with Bold Cashier.



Custom checkout hostname settings

By default, the Bold checkout URL will be displayed as on your store. From within the settings, however, you're able to make adjustments to how this appears on the checkout page of your store.


Default URL Alias

Adjusting the alias will change the default URL address, which is the bolded text of the URL seen below:


This area can be adjusted by following these steps:

  1. From within Bold Cashier, navigate to Settings, then General Settings.
  2. Enter a new URL Alias.
  3. Select Save URL Alias.
  4. Once completed, Place a Test Order to see your URL alias.


Custom Hostname

If you do not want customers to see the checkout URL as or would rather show your store's URL, you can add a custom hostname URL into Bold Cashier.

Adding a custom hostname URL can only be done by adding a CNAME domain type into Bold Checkout. Only CNAME domain types can be used at this time.

Please visit Set a Custom Hostname for Bold Cashier for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.