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Thousands of stores have made the switch to Bold Subscriptions. Whether they already use Shopify, or switched from another platform, they continue to trust Bold with their subscribers.


Your store may qualify for a promotional offer for Bold Subscriptions! For more information, please visit the Bold Commerce website.

The main reason that merchants switch to Bold is because we have the most robust server environment of any subscription app on Shopify. With the success of your store, you will need a subscriptions app that you can count on!



Making the Switch

If your subscriber base has ten customers - or 10,000, Bold Subscriptions is designed to handle anything that your store needs. On a daily basis, we migrate stores from many different subscription services on Shopify.

Switching or migrating to Bold Subscriptions will give you access to these incredible features:

Bold Subscriptions allows you to choose how your customers subscribe to your products. This could include offering the same product on a weekly or monthly basis, a monthly box full of individual products, or even having them be convertible and change within the second order.

The Bold Subscription app allows you to offer flexible subscriptions on your store. This includes Prepaid, Gift, and expiring subscriptions (also known as payment plans).

To see a more in-depth list of all the different types of subscriptions you can offer on your store, please see our Subscription Type Overview article!

With Bold Subscriptions, you can track detailed reports and analytics for your store about your current subscribers. This information can be exported for specific details, or can be reviewed as general analytics directly within our app.

For more information, and to see how this looks - please visit our Reports & Analytics article.

Bold Subscriptions has a built-in email feature that will send automatic notifications when a user triggers specific activities. You will be able to pick and choose which notifications you would like to be notified about directly within the app.

For more information on how you could be notified, please visit Email Notifications in Bold Subscriptions.

The email feature also can be directed towards your subscription customers, as a fully customizable notification. Whether there was a shipping address change, information about their order was changed, or your store is out of stock, they can receive a notification directly via Bold Subscriptions!

For more information on email notifications directed to your customers, please visit our Customer Facing Emails article.

When your customers order a Subscription on your store, they will be given unique access to a Customer Portal. This can be located within their account on your store, and can be used to update information about their subscription.

Whether it be allowing your customers to swap their subscription products in this area, or adjust their shipping address, it can all be done within this area of your store!

For more information on the sophisticated feature, please review our Manage Subscription Page article.

Bold Subscriptions has multiple different tracking features within the app that work well inventory management, forecasting for future orders, updating product pricing, and managing deleted products.

Inventory Tracking - If your store is set to track inventory through Shopify, you can set Bold Subscriptions to allow overselling just for your subscriptions. This means that even if products are out of stock on your store, subscription purchases can still be completed.

Inventory Forecasting - At any time, you are able to generate a detailed report of the inventory that you will require in the future to fulfill the subscription orders on your store.

Update your Product Pricing - Updating the price of your Subscription products is easy when completed directly within our app! Adjusting the pricing can be set to replace all current subscriptions on your store with updated pricing, even with active subscribers.

Manage Deleted Products - If you edit or delete a product within your Shopify store, you can choose how it affects your customers that are currently subscribed. You can manually choose for a new product to replace the deleted product, or choose to remove it completely from all subscription orders!

For more in-depth information about all of these features, please visit our Inventory Management in Bold Subscriptions article. 

Don't just listen to us! Review our Case Studies to read what a few of our customers have said about subscriptions.



How do I switch?

Easy! To make the switch to Bold Subscriptions, follow these steps to get in touch with us:

  • Reach out to our Migration Specialists first! They will help determine your stores requirements, including our app's compatibility with payment gateways.
  • Fill out our Migration Template, to help our team move your current subscribers to our app!
  • Export all of your data from your current subscription platform.
  • Send the completed import template to us, and we will take care of the rest!

If you would like to learn more, or ask specific questions about the migration process, please book a one-on-one call with our experts.

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