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Pricing & Transaction Fees in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout

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At this time, Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout and all of its included features are offered at $49.99/monthly, with a 1% transaction fee. This transaction fee is only charged when a subscription order is purchased, and reoccurs. 

Bold Subscriptions is paired with the Shopify payments gateway to offer PCI compliant, and industry-leading encryption techniques. This helps process all of your customers payments securely on your store.



Transaction fees

Alert: Changing your store's default currency can cause issues with transaction fees. If you would like to change your store's default currency, please reach out to our Customer Success team so we can help align with this adjustment.    

With Bold Subscriptions, there is a transaction fee of 1% for all purchases that include a recurring order item within an order on your store. This transaction fee applies to the full order, as long as subscription product is included in the transaction.

Every month when you receive your monthly invoice from Shopify, you will see your charges for the monthly cost of the app - as well as the additional charge for the transaction fees. The transaction fees are listed on your Shopify bill as Usage fees.

For more information on understanding your monthly Shopify billing, please visit the Shopify Invoice Overview article.

To view your monthly Shopify billing, please visit the Settings > Billing page in your Shopify settings.