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Please note that this article only relates to Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions. Please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison for more information on determining which version of Bold Subscriptions you are currently on.


Under the Settings tab in Bold Subscriptions V2, the following settings below are available. For more information on each setting, select one of the setting accordions below:

When navigating to the General settings tab, there are two options that will appear:


Store Settings

This area will show the details of your store, such as the Timezone, currency, and daily processing time. This information is pulled from Shopify, and will display within the settings to give you more information.

When you have a subscription order on your store, these orders will process each cycle at 12AM, for your time zone.


Within the Customer Portal tab in your settings, you have the ability to enable a switch that adjusts how your customers manage their subscriptions.

Customers can pause and resume their subscriptions

If this feature is enabled, this setting will give your subscribers the ability to put their subscriptions on hold whenever they need to, for as long as they need. This can also be used to skip an individual order. During this time, they will not be billed or receive any orders that have not yet been set.


This feature is different than skipping an order, since your customer will have to be sure to manually resume the subscription. If you prefer not to give your customers this functionality, please keep the toggle turned off. You will still be able to pause and resume your customers' subscriptions from within the app.


Customers can cancel their subscriptions

This feature will allow your customers to cancel their own subscriptions through the "Manage Subscription Page" on the store front, once it is enabled. This is ideal if you want to give your customers the flexibility in choosing when to cancel their subscriptions.

If this feature is not enabled, then this option will hide the cancel subscription option from your customers on your storefront. Customers will only be able to cancel their subscriptions by contacting your store directly.


Bold Subscriptions offers several email templates that can be customized to match your site's branding and design. These templates allow you to use custom merge fields to include information about the customer, your store, and their subscriptions.


Bold Subscriptions will automatically notify your customers when their upcoming order is about to occur by sending an order confirmation via email.

When setting up your Email Settings in Bold Subscriptions, your contact name and email address for the notification email can be updated. There are also four options for customers' notifications built into the app, so you can select when to notify your customers of upcoming orders, credit card updates, and new subscription purchases.




Within the Email Notification area of the Bold Subscriptions settings, you will be able to update the contact information for your store. This includes updating the From/Reply email address, and the contact name that appears on the emails.

From this section, you are also able to complete the global customer notification styling. This includes adding CSS that will be rendered on all of your email templates.

From here, you will be able to make adjustments to email types that are built within our app.

Subscription Created

This email will be sent to your customers when they first order a new subscription.

Transaction Failed

This email will be sent to your customers when an order has failed due to a credit card error.

Upcoming Order

This email will be sent a certain number of days ahead of your customers next order being created. You are able to customize the number of days before, as well as the time of day this email gets sent to your customers.

Note: When a product is swapped within a Bold Subscriptions V2 order, there will not be a notification automatically sent out. Instead, the upcoming order email will have the updated product information for your customers.

Expiring Credit Card

This email will be sent a certain number of days ahead of a payment going through, if your customers credit card is expiring or has expired.

You are able to customize the number of days before, as well as the time of day this email gets sent to your customers.




To edit the email templates, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

  2. Select Bold Subscriptions.

  3. Select Settings, then Email Notifications.

  4. Select the ellipsis beside the notification you want to adjust.


    Note: If you would like to test a email notification, a test can be done by selecting Send test email in the ellipsis beside one of the email notifications, entering in your email address and selecting Send Test Notification.

  5. Select Edit email template.

  6. Adjust the template accordingly.

    Note: You can edit the HTML source code by selecting the < > icon. Visit W3 Schools - HTML (links to W3Schools) for more information on how to use HTML.

  7. Select Save.



Update your Customers Email Address

When your customers sign up for subscriptions through Bold Subscriptions V2, Shopify handles all of their account and log in information.

For more information on updating your customers email, please visit Shopify's article on Managing Customers.


Within the settings, you are able to customize your stores dunning management for subscription orders. This helps with managing the failed orders payment flows on your store, and determines how many times a subscription payment will be retried after a credit card failure.

This setting will give you the opportunity to collect a payment and create the order, and can be set between 1 and 15 retries.

For more information, please visit our Dunning Management in Bold Subscriptions article.

Bold Subscriptions allows you to create API keys that use can use to integrate Bold Subscriptions into third party integrations. 

Each API key available in Bold Subscriptions allows you to create either a Read or Write permission that can be used in the third party application. 

API keys are mainly used for allowing third party applications to either modify existing subscription/customer information, or read subscription details that are purchased through your store via Bold Subscriptions.



Available API Keys

  • Customer - This API key allows a third party application to either view or manage active customer data for your subscribers, such as updating an address, creating an address, deleting an address, etc.
  • Subscription - This API key allows a third party application to either view or manage information from active subscriptions, as well as view payment methods that customers are using, reactivate subscription, cancel subscriptions, etc.
  • Subscription group - This API key allows a third party application to either view or manage the subscription groups you have created in Bold Subscriptions, such as creating a subscription group, edit an existing subscription group, deleting a subscription group, etc.
  • Shop - This API key allows a third party application to view your store's data. Some of the data that can be read is your shop's name/domain, the platform you are using, your store's default currency, etc.



Enable API Key

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions, select Settings, then API Keys.
  2. Select Create API key.
  3. Enter a Client Name.

    Note: This name is only internal and will not be displayed elsewhere.

  4. Select the scopes that you would like to enable.
  5. Select either Read and/or Write for each scope that you enable.
  6. Select Create API key.
  7. Copy the API key that is generated and close the window by selecting the X.

Please visit Bold Subscriptions 2 API for more information on the API keys available in Bold Subscriptions. 

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