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Settings in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout

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Under the Settings tab in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout, you can adjust the permissions for the Customer Portal, apply fixed shipping rates, enable customer facing email notifications, and more.

For an overview of each setting, please the view the information below.



General settings

Store settings

This area shows the details of your store, such as the timezone, currency, and daily processing time. This information is pulled from Shopify and is displayed within the settings to give you more information.

Subscription orders are processed each cycle at 12 AM, based on your timezone.


Fixed shipping rate settings

In this area, you can set up fixed shipping rates for each country you deliver subscriptions to. For more information on how to use this feature, please visit Fixed Shipping Rates in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout


Express Add-Ons Widget

The Express Add-Ons widget can be added to your product pages to allow customers to quickly add an additional product to their existing subscriptions while shopping on your storefront. For more information about this feature and how to set it up, please visit Express Add-Ons Widget.



Customer portal

In the customer portal settings, you can select which actions can be performed by your customers when managing their subscriptions. You can enable or disable their ability to pause, cancel, change order dates, and more.

For a full explanation of all the available settings, please visit Set up and Manage the Customer Portal.



Email notifications

Bold Subscriptions offers a variety of customer facing email notifications which can be enabled or disabled, along with templates that can be customized to match your store's brand. Add your logo, style them with CSS, and use custom merge fields to include more information about your customers and store.

To learn more about Bold Subscriptions' email functionality, please visit Email Notifications.



Cancellation management

Cancellation management gives you two options to manage how your customers cancel their subscriptions from within the Customer Portal.

  • Provide cancellation instructions: This hides the cancel subscription option from your customers on your storefront. Customers will only be able to cancel their subscriptions by contacting your store directly, based on the information that you provide in the cancellation instructions box.
  • Customer retention flow: This feature allows your customers to cancel their own subscriptions through the Customer Portal. You can create and provide a list of cancellation reasons that your customer must choose from before they can cancel.

For more information, please visit Cancellation & Dunning Management.



Dunning management

Dunning management for subscription orders helps with managing the failed orders payment flows on your store, and determines how many times a subscription payment will be retried after a credit card failure.

This helps to reduce churn by giving your customers more time to update their payment information without immediately cancelling their subscription.

For more detailed information, please visit Cancellation & Dunning Management.