Dashboard & Analytics in Bold Subscriptions V2


With Bold Subscriptions V2, all of your subscription information and statistics can be found within the Dashboard. This can be viewed over the last 30 days, or you can choose a timeframe of Subscriptions orders that you would like to track.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 1 currently installed then please visit our Reports & Analytics in Bold Subscriptions V1 article. If you are unsure of which version that you currently have installed on your store, please visit our Bold Subscriptions Comparison Article.

The information that appears within this area of our Bold Subscriptions app are key metric and details of your stores analytics. These statistics are updated in real-time, so be sure to check this page often to see how your store is improving!

This area calculates your estimated subscription revenue over your set time frame. Orders that are set to recur in this time frame are taken into consideration, and frame your expected subscription growth over that time period. You are able to also review stats as soon as you begin using this app, including your Monthly churn rate.

Analytics Dashboard



Activity Log

When navigating to the Activity Log portion of our app, you are able to review a log of all the changes that were made to your customers accounts, subscriptions, app settings, and more. Within this area, you can also filter by the event in order to track only information that you are looking for (such as cancelled subscriptions, logged in users, or updated subscriptions).

Activity Log

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