Troubleshooting with Bold Custom Pricing


While using Bold Custom Pricing, you may come across an issue with the display or performance of the app. Some of these issues can be corrected through an in-app setting, however, other issues might be related to some missing liquid code or conflicting liquid code from within your theme. 

In this article, we are going to go over some common issues that can arise with Custom Pricing and what steps can be taken to resolve each issue. 

Here is a list of issues that will be covered in this article: 

  • Discounts are not appearing on the storefront?
  • Discounts are not appearing in the checkout page?

Please select an issue below for steps on how to resolve the issue:

If a discount created from Custom Pricing is not appearing on the storefront on all collection pages, product pages or on the cart page, this can often occur from one of the following below: 

  1. Missing/Incomplete Liquid Install - In order for the discounts to reflect on the storefront while logged into an account, a liquid update must be completed on your theme. If you have recently installed the app and have not yet had a liquid install or have changed to a different theme, please visit Custom Pricing Installation for further assistance with applying the liquid install to your theme.
  2. Incorrect Tag/Not Logged In - If you have enabled the Customer Pricing plan in Custom Pricing, you will need to log onto the storefront with an account that contains a Custom Pricing tag.

    Note: Tags are case sensitive and must be entered into the account exactly as it appears in Custom Pricing. Example: A tag titled "Gold-VIP" would need to be added as "Gold-VIP" into your customer account. Entering in "gold-vip" or "Gold-vip" will result in missing discounts.

  3. Product(s) Not Discounted In Custom Pricing - If a product is not being discounted in Custom Pricing either in a price group, global discount set in a tag or within the Detailed Pricing section, the product price will remain the same when logged in with a tagged account. Please visit Create, Edit or Delete Product Pricing Groups or Create, Edit or Delete Detailed Pricing for steps on applying discounts to your products for tagged users.

If a discount created in Custom Pricing is applying to the storefront but is not being carried over into the checkout, this can often be caused by a third party app. If a third party app uses a draft order to apply a discount in the checkout page, Custom Pricing will not be able to generate a draft order and in result, the discount will not appear in the checkout page. 

To avoid this issue, it's best to reach out to the third party support team and have the support team remove the liquid code that interacts with the checkout page from your theme.

Please visit Custom Pricing 3rd Party Conflicts for a list of some apps that are not compatible with Custom Pricing.

If you are using a dynamic checkout button (Buy Now button) on the product page, this button will need to be removed from the product page, as the discounts from Custom Pricing will not be carried into the checkout page when this button is used.

Please visit Adding and removing dynamic checkout buttons for steps on disabling this button from your theme.

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