Shipping Rates & Discount Codes in Bold Subscriptions V2

Shipping rates and discount codes are configured directly from within Shopify for Bold Subscriptions V2. This article will outline how to configure these settings, any limitations to be aware of, and answer some frequently asked questions.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 1 currently installed on your store, please visit our article on Shopify Shipping Rates.

If you are unsure which version of Bold Subscriptions currently installed on your Shopify store, please visit our Bold Subscriptions Comparison article.



Shipping Rates Overview

Shipping rates are configured directly within the Shopify settings of your store.

Customers will be able to purchase one-time products, and subscription products within the same checkout. Shipping for subscriptions will be charged in addition to any shipping for one-time purchase items, including if there are multiple subscriptions in the cart.



  • By default, products will have the same shipping rate whether they are purchased as one-time item, or as a part of a subscription.
  • Only the least expensive shipping rate is available when a product is purchased within a subscription. Customers are not able to choose between multiple shipping rates within the checkout.
  • Shipping for subscriptions are charged in addition to any shipping for one-time purchase products. Customers can select a shipping rate for one-time purchases in the checkout if more than one rate is available. They are also able to view the total cost of shipping for their subscriptions and the total cost of shipping for one-time purchases.
  • Subscriptions cannot support local delivery or pickup options.

Please check back often as Shopify is working on updates which may change some of the above limitations in the future.



Subscription Specific Discount Codes

Discount codes are configured directly within the Shopify admin of your store.

When creating a discount, navigate to the Discounts tab in Shopify. From within this area, you will have the ability to set if the discount is available to customers making one-time or subscription purchases:


Examples for Discount Types


At this time, discount codes can only be added within the initial subscription order. It is currently a limitation that discount codes are unable to be added after the purchase within the Customer Portal.

Selecting Both under the purchase type will allow the discount code to apply to all applicable products that are one-time products, or subscriptions. The discount codes can also be narrowed down to specific products or collections, to give the ability to offer more specific codes.

For more information on creating this on your store, please visit Shopify's article on Creating Discount Codes.




Yes. You can create and offer a discount code for free shipping on Subscriptions from within Shopify. For more information on creating this on your store, please visit Shopify's article on Creating Discount Codes.

If a Shopify shipping rate that was attached to one of your existing customers subscription is changed from your settings, it will still keep your customer on the previous shipping rate. They will be grandfathered on their shipping rate.

If you would like the new shipping rate to apply to your existing subscribers, the existing subscription would need to be cancelled and re-purchased on your storefront by your customer.  


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