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Facebook Pixel & Checkout Integration

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Bold Checkout uses Facebook Pixel to track how your customers interact with your store. You can use this data to plan ad campaigns, acquire new customers, and more.

In order for this integration to work, you will need a Facebook ads account. You will also need to set up a pixel in Facebook Ads Manager.




Once BigCommerce and Bold Checkout are using the same pixel, your customer's journey will be tracked from start to finish.

The data that Facebook Pixel tracks via page views differs between the three page checkout and one page checkout settings. The one page checkout setting is only capable of tracking the following page views:

  • Landed on the Checkout Page
  • Thank You Page

Bold Checkout will trigger a page view for each page of the checkout:

  • Customer Information page
  • Shipping page
  • Payment page

Bold Checkout will also track the following events:

  • InitiateCheckout
    • Tracked once the checkout loads after a customer clicks Checkout from the cart page.
  • AddPaymentInfo
    • Tracked once the customer enters their payment information.
  • Purchase
    • Once the Complete button is clicked, and the transaction is successful - this event is triggered. 

Events will also be tracked every time a button in the checkout is selected.




This setup can only be completed once you've created a Facebook ads account as well as a Facebook Pixel account.

  1. Within Checkout, select Settings > Analytics.
  2. Enter your Facebook Pixel ID.
  3. Select Save.



Facebook Pixel Tracking Scripts

Facebook Pixel tracking scripts allow you to track additional information.

  1. Within Checkout, select Settings, then Analytics.
  2. Select Enable Custom Tracking Scripts for Successful Purchases.
  3. Enter your custom script.
  4. Select Save.

Bold Checkout uses scripts to send both page views and events to Facebook Pixel. The default script that Bold Checkout sends for Facebook Pixel is as follows:

FacebookAnalytics.sendFacebookEvent('Purchase', { 'value': / 100, 'currency': BOLD.order.currency, 'contents': BOLD.order.line_items, 'content_type': 'product', 'content_ids': BOLD.order.line_items .filter(line_item => line_item.platform_variant_id) // not undefined and not null .map(line_item => line_item.platform_variant_id), });




If you are encountering this issue, it's important to double check the formatting of your Facebook Pixel ID to ensure its accuracy.

The Facebook Pixel ID is an extremely specific set of numbers that's connected to your account within the Facebook Ads Manager and should not contain any spaces or additional characters before, within, or after the ID.

If Custom Tracking Scripts are enabled but nothing is appearing in the field, Bold Checkout's default script will be overwritten.

Custom tracking scripts cannot contain <script> tags, links to external JavaScript, or Liquid code.

It's important to ensure that your Facebook Pixel ID in Checkout matches the ID that's set up in your BigCommerce store. Correcting this ensures that your events display properly going forward.

Please contact our partners at StoreTasker for a quote if you require a custom script.