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Google Analytics & Bold Checkout

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Bold Checkout uses Google Analytics to track how your customers interact with your store. You can use this data to better understand where your customers may be leaving, what you need to increase conversion, and more.

When integrated, Google Analytics will track your customer's activity, including when your customers enter their addresses, payment information, and complete a purchase.


Using Google Tag Manager requires you to integrate the following directly within Google Tag Manager:

  • Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Custom Scripts



  1. Within Bold Checkout, Select Settings > Analytics.
  2. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.
  3. Navigate to your Google Analytics admin, select Admin > Ecommerce Settings.
  4. Turn on Enable Ecommerce & Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting.
  5. Choose Add Funnel Step. (optional)
  6. Enter your label names. (optional)
  7. Add all of the labels, then select Save.



Using goals in Google Analytics helps you measure how well your store is doing based on your target objectives.

Checkout tracks the following pages. These are sent as page views to Google Analytics.

  • "/customer_information"
  • "/shipping_method"
  • "/payment_method"
  • "/confirmation_page"

Bold Checkout must be set to the 3 Page Checkout option in order for the tracking to recognize each of these distinct sections.




  1. Navigate to your Google Analytics Admin, and select Admin > Goals.
  2. Select New Goal.
  3. Select Custom under Goal Setup. Then click Continue.
  4. Under Goal Description, set a Name. For Type select Destination, then Continue.
  5. Under Goal Details, set the Destination as Regular expression and /confirmation.
  6. Turn funnels on, then set the funnel steps.
    From here, you can choose the names and funnel steps that you would like. Below are our suggestions for a basic funnel:
  7. Select Save.



Checkout uses enhanced eCommerce for tracking within Google Analytics. You can choose whether or not to use this feature, but we recommend you do.

When using eCommerce tracking, Google Analytics tracks the following additional information:

  • Your store's domain.
  • Bold Checkout's order number.
  • Taxes, order total, and shipping cost.
  • Product information (IDs, titles, quantities, prices, and variant titles).

Enhanced eCommerce adds the ability to track funnels, which you can use to track the corresponding steps for entering shipping address, payment information, and purchase complete.




Bold Checkout uses scripts to send page views and events to Google Analytics. The default script that Bold Checkout sends for Google Analytics is as follows:

ga('require', 'ec');

ga('set', 'currencyCode', BOLD.order.currency);

BOLD.order.line_items.forEach(item => {
ga('ec:addProduct', {
id: item.sku || null,
name: item.product_title,
variant: item.variant_title,
price: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(item.price),
quantity: item.quantity,

ga('ec:setAction', 'purchase', {
revenue: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(,
shipping: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(BOLD.order.total_shipping),
tax: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(BOLD.order.total_tax),

ga('send', 'event', 'Checkout', 'Successful Checkout');



Looking to track additional information? This can be done with Custom Tracking Scripts.

Custom tracking scripts absolutely cannot contain any <script> tags, links to external javascript, or Liquid code. 

  1. From within Bold Checkout, Select Settings > Analytics.
  2. Select the toggle on Custom Tracking Scripts for Successful Purchases.
  3. Enter your custom script.
  4. Select Save.




Entering your Google Analytics ID incorrectly will cause this error to appear.

The format for your Google Analytics ID is generally UA-########-#, where ########-# is replaced by the number associated with your Properties and App. This ID needs to match in both Bold Checkout and BigCommerce. It's also important to ensure that there are no additional characters or spaces within the ID.

Leaving the field for Custom Tracking Scripts empty while this feature is enabled will overwrite Bold Checkout's default script.