Customization & Styling Overview

Bold Checkout allows you to fully customize your customer's checkout experience. You can translate the language, add a logo, use custom CSS, and more.

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This article is specific to Checkout on WooCommerce. If you are using another platform, please visit the relevant articles for Shopify, BigCommerce, or commercetools here. 



Features & Functionality

Bold Checkout offers multiple options that allow you to track your customer's analytics, as well as setup custom tracking scripts.

You can use custom tracking scripts to customize the information you receive from Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.



Bold Checkout's General Settings allow you to customize the appearance of your checkout page. From the app's general settings, you can:

  • Add a custom URL.
  • Adjust button colours.
  • Select between a 1-page or 3-page checkout.

And much more.

You can access these settings from within the Bold Checkout app admin under SettingsGeneral Settings.



Bold Checkout offers full flexibility for almost all of your checkout text. Within Bold Checkout's Language Settings, you can import languages, adjust existing languages, create your own language, and more.

Each language that's added to Bold Checkout will appear within a dropdown field inside of the checkout. Your customers can then click this dropdown to select their preferred language.

By default, Bold Checkout's language is set to English.

You can access these settings from within the Bold Checkout app admin under Settings > Language Settings.

Please visit Language Settings in Bold Checkout for more information.



All changes made within the Bold Checkout app admin should be reflected in the checkout right away.

It is also important to ensure you're viewing the correct checkout page when viewing your changes. Bold Checkout's URL will, by default, begin with "", but this will change if you have a custom hostname.

If after saving, your changes are still not displaying, we recommend viewing the checkout through an incognito web browser to eliminate the possibility of a cookie- or caching-related issue that may be stopping you from viewing these changes.

Still not seeing changes on the checkout page even after using an incognito browser? Please reach out to our Merchant Success team for further assistance.

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