Customization & Styling Overview


Bold Checkout allows you to customize your checkout in many different ways, including adjusting the language, adding a logo, using CSS to change the colours, and more.


This article is specific to Checkout on WooCommerce. If you are using another platform, please visit the relevant articles for Shopify, BigCommerce, or commercetools here. 

You're able to completely change the way that the checkout looks in order to match your website's branding.

Learn more about Checkout's settings below.



Features & Functionality

General Settings

Bold Checkout's general settings allow you to customize the appearance of the checkout page, through such actions as changing the button colours, adding a custom URL to your checkout page, and switching between a 1- or 3-page checkout.

The options provided allow you to add a personal touch to the checkout, ensuring it matches your store's style and theme. You're even able to add your own custom CSS in order to match your store's branding.

To access these settings, select SettingsGeneral Settings.


Bold Checkout has multiple options to set up your own custom tracking scripts. You're able to use these to customize the information that gets sent to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. You can also integrate with other analytics and tracking services, that are not directly integrated with Checkout, to track successful purchases. 

Language Settings

Bold Checkout offers full flexibility in changing the language of almost all text present in the checkout. By default, Bold Checkout's language is set to English.

You're able to import languages, manually add them, and even create your own language.

Each language that is added into Bold Checkout will appear in the language dropdown field, and is selectable by customers in the checkout.

All changes to the language within the app can be found under Settings > Language Settings.

For more information on configuring these settings, please visit Language Settings in Bold Checkout.




All changes made within the Bold Checkout admin should reflect in the checkout page right away. Please ensure you are viewing the correct checkout page when looking at changes.

Bold Checkout's checkout page URL will either begin with "", or the URL will display using the custom hostname you've set up.

If the changes are still not displaying, please try viewing the checkout using an incognito web browser to eliminate the possibility of a cookie or caching-related issue.

Still not seeing changes on the checkout page? Please reach out to our Merchant Success Team for further assistance.

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