Facebook Pixel & Checkout Integration

Bold Checkout integrates with many different integrations, like Facebook Pixel.

When integrated with Bold Checkout, Facebook Pixel tracks how, where, and when your customers interact with your store. You can use this data to plan ad campaigns, increase conversion, and more.


A Facebook ads account is required to integrate Facebook Pixel with Bold Checkout.

Once an account has been made, you will then need to set up a pixel within your Facebook Ads Manager.



Once both your Facebook ads and Facebook Pixel accounts have been created, you will be able to connect Facebook Pixel with Bold Checkout.

  1. From within Bold Checkout, select Settings > Analytics.
  2. Enter your Facebook Pixel ID.
  3. Select Save.



Facebook Pixel's tracked page views differ depending on the type of checkout you're using: three-page or one-page.

The one-page checkout is only able to track the following page views:

  • Landed on Checkout Page
  • Thank You Page

If WooCommerce and Bold Checkout are using the same pixel, your customer's entire journey will be tracked. Bold Checkout will otherwise trigger the following page views:

  • Customer Information Page
  • Shipping Page
  • Payment Page

Bold Checkout will also trigger the following events:

  • InitiateCheckout
    • Triggers when a customer clicks on Checkout from the cart page, and the checkout page loads.
  • AddPaymentInfo
    • Triggers when a customer enters their payment information.
  • Purchase
    • Triggers when a customer clicks on the Complete button and the transaction is successful, as well as when a button that allows a customer to move forward in the checkout is clicked.



Custom Tracking Scripts


Need a hand getting started with custom tracking scripts? Reach out to our Partners at StoreTasker to receive a quote.

Looking to track additional information? You'll need to create and add a custom tracking script into your Facebook Pixel.

  1. From within Bold Checkout, select Settings, then Analytics.
  2. Select Enable Custom Tracking Scripts for Successful Purchases.
  3. Enter your custom script.
  4. Select Save.

Bold Checkout uses scripts to send page views and events to Facebook Pixel. Below is the default script Bold Checkout sends for Facebook Pixel:

FacebookAnalytics.sendFacebookEvent('Purchase', { 'value': BOLD.order.total / 100, 'currency': BOLD.order.currency, 'contents': BOLD.order.line_items, 'content_type': 'product', 'content_ids': BOLD.order.line_items .filter(line_item => line_item.platform_variant_id) // not undefined and not null .map(line_item => line_item.platform_variant_id), });




If you're seeing this error, we recommend double checking your Facebook Pixel ID to ensure it's accurate.

The format of the Facebook Pixel ID is a specific set of numbers associated with your account in the Facebook Ads Manager, which means that your Facebook Pixel ID must be entered correctly, without any additional characters or spaces.



If custom tracking scripts are enabled but the field is empty, Bold Checkout's default script will be overwritten.



If you're seeing this error, we recommend double checking your custom script for <script> tags, links to external JavaScript, and other Liquid code. None of these elements are supported.

We also recommend double checking your Facebook Pixel ID to ensure it's accurate.

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