Help Center Account Walkthrough

When a support request has been submitted to our Customer Success team, a ticket is created which can then be viewed directly within our Help Center by logging into your Help Center account. 

There are several benefits to creating a Help Center account. Within your Help Center account you can: 

  • View and track your entire ticket history in one place.
  • Easily respond and add information to active tickets.
  • Create follow-ups to closed tickets.
  • View all your saved articles in one place.

Communicating with our Customer Success team via your Help Center account helps to keep your support tickets organized, and in turn helps with response time.  If a ticket is submitted from an outside source such as a new email, a new ticket is created without your store information and support history attached.



In order to view active or closed tickets in the Help Center, you will need to set up an account.

To set up your account, select the Sign in button on the top right corner of our Help Center.

Sign in

You will have the following choices:

  • Sign in to an existing account. 
  • New to Bold Commerce? Sign up.
  • Have you emailed us? Get a password.

If you’ve never reached out to our Customer Success team in the past, you will need to sign up for a new account. Select Sign up.

Sign up

If you have reached out to our Customer Success team in the past either through the submission form, email, or chat, an account is automatically created for you using the email address associated with your request. You can access your account by creating a password. Select Get a Password.

Get a password


If you are having issues creating an account within the Help Center, it is possible that an account already exists with the credentials that you are trying to use. You can recover your account by using the Forgot my password link.

After you have activated your account and have successfully logged into the Help Center, you will be able to view and manage your ticket requests in one place.

All of your past and present support tickets can be viewed by selecting the account icon, then My tickets in the top right corner of the Help Center.

My tickets

Within My tickets, you can view the history and status of your all your tickets. Select the ticket title under Subject to view the ticket history.

Support Dashboard



Sort your View

By default, your tickets will be sorted by Last Activity. You can select the arrow to sort your view by most recent, or oldest requests first.

You can also filter your view by status. Select the field under Status to filter your view by any, open, awaiting your reply, or solved.

Filter by status

If a different member of your team submitted a ticket with your account email CC'd on it, you can view it within your Help Center account. Select Requests I'm CC'd on.

CC tickets

Active tickets can have a status of open, awaiting your reply, or solved.

Solved tickets are still active, unless more than five days have passed without a response from you. When this happens, the ticket is automatically closed. In this case, you can create a follow-up.



Replying to an Active Ticket

To respond to an active ticket, select one of the tickets under the Subject column.

Ticket subjects

Simply enter your response and select Submit. You can also attach files such as screenshots or a video recording.

Submitting a ticket



Replying to a Closed Ticket

If it has been over 5 days since your last response to our team, your ticket is automatically marked as closed. 

In this case, you will see the message: This request is closed for comments. You can create a follow-up.



Select create a follow-up. You with then be directed to he Contact Us page. Select Create support request.

Create a support request

The new follow-up ticket will automatically be populated with the ticket number of the previous request, as well as your store information. This makes it easy to track the history of communication both for you, and our Customer Success team.

You can save any article on our Help Center to your account by selecting the Follow button near the top right on the article. 

Follow button


Articles you have followed on the Help Center will be conveniently stored in your Support Dashboard under Saved Articles.

Saved articles

This allows you build a library of articles that have been helpful to you in the past for quick and easy access should you need them again.

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