Help Center Account Walkthrough

When a ticket or chat has been created with our Merchant Success team, the ticket could then be viewed directly within our Help Center. All tickets can be viewed by logging into your Help Center account, with the same email as the one used to submit the ticket or chat.

This article will provide more information on managing your account, view active and closed tickets, and steps on replying back to a ticket directly on the Bold Commerce Help Center.



In order to view active or closed tickets with our Merchant Success team, you will need an account on our Help Center. To create an account, please select the Sign In button on the top right corner of our Help Center.

Select Sign-In

After selecting the option to sign in, you will have three options:

  • Sign into an existing account.
  • Create a new account.
  • Request a password.

If you are having issues creating an account within the Help Center, it is possible that an account already exists with the credentials that you are trying to use. You can recover your account by using the Forgot my password or by selecting the Get a password link on the sign-in popup page.

After you have activated your account and have successfully logged into the Help Center, you will be able to manage your ticket requests that are open with our Merchant Success team.

All tickets can be viewed by selecting the account icon, then My activities near the top right corner of the Help Center, here:

Select Account Icon, then My Activities

Under the "My activities" page, view the history of active and closed tickets that have been submitted:

All Tickets View

Your tickets will be sorted by the "Last Activity" column. This means that you will either see the most recent or oldest request between your team and Bold's Merchant Success team.

Select the ticket title under Subject to view the ticket, and responses from our Merchant Success team.

If a different member of your team submitted the ticket, you can view it within the Help Center if your account email was CC'd on the email. To view this, select the option for Requests I'm CC'd on near the "My activities" page, here:

Select Requests I'm CC'd on

To respond to a ticket active ticket, select one of the ticket names below the Subject line in the my activities page, here:

Select subject line

After selecting a ticket subject, a response can be submitted by writing inside the text field and then by selecting Submit. You can also attach files such as a screenshot or video recording to provide to our Merchant Success team:

Select Save


We recommend communicating with Merchant Success via your Help Center account. If a ticket is responded to via an outside source such as an email client, it may create a new ticket for our Merchant Success team. This may result in experiencing a higher response time for your request.


Organization requests are only available for users that have a dedicated account manager with Bold.

Under the "My activities" tab, there is an option for Organization requests. This area displays all tickets submitted by the email associated to the account, or by other members of the business within one area. This tab is useful for businesses that have a large team, and may need to have multiple employees accessing the same information.

While logged into an organization account, view all tickets that have been created by your organization by selecting Organization requests near the top of the activities page:

Seletc Organization requests

All tickets that are present within this page can be viewed by selecting the ticket subject line. From here, the complete history between the organization members and our Merchant Success team can be found. You will also have the ability to send a reply within the ticket.

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