Troubleshooting Bold Subscriptions V2

While using Bold Subscriptions V2, you may come across some issues with orders or products not displaying properly on the storefront. While some issues can be corrected through the in-app settings, other issues may be related to missing liquid code on your theme.

In this help article, we are going to address some common issues that you may come across within Bold Subscriptions V2, and the steps that could be taken to resolve each issue.


This article is relevant to Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Bold Subscriptions V1 currently installed on your store, please visit Troubleshoot Display Settings in Bold Subscriptions V1.

If you are unsure of which version that you have currently installed on your store, please visit Identify Your Version of Bold Subscriptions.



If a subscription has been activated in Bold Subscriptions and is not appearing on the storefront, this can be the result of one of the following:

  • Your payment gateway is not connected. In order for the subscriptions widget to appear on the product page, your store must use Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, or to process your customer's payments. Please visit Shopify Payments for more information on setting up and configuring Shopify Payments on your store.
  • Missing Liquid Code/Incomplete Installation. In order for the subscription widget to appear on the product page, a liquid code update is needed on your store's theme. Please visit Installation Guide for Bold Subscriptions V2 for steps that you can follow to request a liquid code installation or complete the installation yourself.

If you are currently using Safari version 13.0.5 as your default browser, you may experience an error when trying to create or make changes to your subscription groups.

The error message may look something like this:



To resolve this error, please try completing the subscription changes on a different browser.

When creating a subscription group within Bold Subscriptions V2, you are able to toggle the group to make it active or inactive on your storefront. 

If you are seeing an error message appear when you toggle a subscription group within the Bold Subscriptions app, please contact our Customer Success team to let us know you've experienced this error on your store. 

An error message may look something like this:



At this time, Bold Subscriptions V2 relies heavily on the integration with Shopify. This includes utilizing the native Shopify checkout.

It is currently a limitation of Shopify that local pickup and delivery, and draft orders are unable to work with subscription purchases on your store. For more information on Shopify requirements and eligibility, please visit the Setting up subscriptions article on the Shopify Help Center.

If there is an existing discount code attached to your customer's existing subscription, you will receive an error when trying to swap in a new product. To resolve this you can remove the discount code from their subscription temporarily and then add it back in once the swap is complete.

To see how to remove and add a discount code to an existing subscription, please visit Subscription Management V2: Merchant Perspective.

There are a couple reasons why you may not be able to swap a product.

  1. If a customer is using a currency which is different from the store's base currency, swapping is disabled.
  2. Products must belong to the same subscription group in order to be swapped. If you would like to swap a product from another subscription group, you can change the subscription group it belongs to in order to perform the swap. For instructions on how to do this, please visit Subscription Management V2: Merchant Perspective.

To ensure your customer can add a product to their subscription, you will need to:

  • Enable the setting to allow this.
  • Ensure your customer is using the same currency as your store's currency.
  • Have the product available for subscription.

For more information on how you can allow your customers to add products to their existing subscriptions, please visit Subscription Management V2: Customer Perspective > Add a Product to an Existing Subscription.

If the product doesn't belong to an existing subscription group, but you'd still like to allow your customer to add it to their existing subscription, you can add the product on their behalf. To see how this is done, please visit Subscription Management V2: Merchant Perspective > Add a Product to an Existing Subscription.

If your customer is seeing an error when trying to add a product to their subscription, please view the troubleshooting step below, under I am seeing an error when trying to add a product to an existing subscription.

Shopify does not check for inventory on recurring orders at this time. If your product is out of stock, subscription orders will continue to generate.

If your customer is unable to log into their account, please make sure you have customer accounts enabled and accessible on your Shopify store. The Customer Portal resides inside the Shopify customer account area. If your Shopify customer accounts are disabled or hidden, your customer will not be able to log into the Customer Portal.

If Shopify customer accounts are enabled and your customer still cannot log into their account, it may be due to the fact that they have not yet created an account. In this case, you can send an invitation to create an account from within their Shopify customer profile. 


As Shopify makes new customer accounts available to more merchants, we are working to support this feature in Subscriptions V2. At this time we do not recommend switching to the new version in order to ensure your customers are still able to access their Customer Portal.

For more information on the above, please visit Shopify's support article, Customer Accounts.

If your customer can log in but they are seeing a blank page, this means your Customer Portal page has not yet been created. For information on how to correct this, please visit Set Up and Manage the Customer Portal.

If you have not set up your subscription cancellation policy in Shopify and are using the App Widget Block on a Shopify 2.0 theme, your customers will be directed to a 404 error page.

For more information on how to set this up, please visit Subscription Policies for Bold Subscriptions V2.

The following message: Error adding the product to your subscription, may appear if your store does not have an eligible shipping rate for the new subscription total.

Please ensure you have an eligible shipping rate for the new total once the product is added to the existing subscription.


Add a product error

If you do have an eligible shipping rate and you are still seeing this error, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

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