Troubleshooting Bold Subscriptions V2

While using Bold Subscriptions V2, you may come across some issues with orders or products not displaying properly on the storefront. While some issues can be corrected through the in-app settings, other issues may be related to missing liquid code on your theme.

In this help article, we are going to address some common issues that you may come across within Bold Subscriptions V2, and the steps that could be taken to resolve each issue.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions. Please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison for more information on determining which version of Bold Subscriptions you are currently on.



If you are currently using Safari version 13.0.5 as your default browser, you may experience an error when trying to create or make changes to your subscription groups.

The error message may look something like this:



To resolve this error, please try completing the subscription changes on a different browser.

When creating a subscription group within Bold Subscriptions V2, you are able to toggle the group to make it active or inactive on your storefront. 

If you are seeing an error message appear when you toggle a subscription group within the Bold Subscriptions app, please contact our Merchant Success Team to let us know you've experienced this error on your store.

The error message may look something like this:



All customizations completed for the Bold Subscriptions V2 language settings and widget can be completed by making adjustments to the theme liquid code.


Making adjustments to the subscription widget does require knowledge of CSS. If you'd like one of our partners to complete a paid customization on your store, please reach out to HeyCarson via this form.

To view our guide on completing adjustments to subscriptions, please visit our Customize the Subscriptions V2 Widget article, here.

When adding Bold Subscriptions V2 to your store, a code installation is also required to ensure that the widget appears on your product pages.

To complete an automatic code installation on your store, please complete a Duplicate copy of your theme first. Once this is completed, navigate to  Help > Theme code update within the Bold Subscriptions V2 app to complete the automatic install.

For more information on ensuring that the proper code has been added to your theme files, please visit our Bold Subscriptions V2 Installation Guide.

At this time, Bold Subscriptions V2 relies heavily on the integration with Shopify. This includes utilizing the native checkout, and Shopify payments.

It is currently a limitation of Shopify that local pickup and delivery, and draft orders are unable to work with subscription purchases on your store. For more information on Shopify requirements and eligibility, please visit the Setting up subscriptions article on the Shopify Help Center.

If you need any additional help troubleshooting Bold Subscriptions V2, please reach out to our Merchant Success Team.

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