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Bold Discounts 3rd Party Conflicts

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Discounts Powered by Bold Price Rules has an extensive installation and uses a draft order to apply discounts to products on your storefront.

If other apps are installed on your store that also requires the use of a draft order to apply discounts in the checkout or modifies prices on the storefront, this can cause issues while using Discounts and the third party app at the same time.

We have come up with a list of some example third party apps that does not work with Discounts.

To resolve the conflict between Discounts and the third party app, one of the two apps would need to be removed, along with the liquid code, from your store.

Note: If a third party app is removed from your store, the liquid code also needs to be removed from your theme. Please reach out to the third party app's support team for assistance with removing the liquid code from your theme.

For a list of some third party apps that we have come across often that have a conflict with Bold Discounts and the reason of the conflict, please see the table below.



3rd Party App Name

Type of Conflict


Modifies Price Rules

Uses Draft Orders Conflicting Code  Uses 3rd Party Checkout
Any Language Translation App (ex. langify by Johannes Hodde)

Any Payment Terms App

Any Product Personalizer/Customizer App

Auto Currency Switcher by MLVeda

BEST Currency Converter by Grizzly Apps SRL


Best Custom Product Options by Relentless Apps

Charge Me Later, Wholesale app by Buddy Apps


✔  ✔   
Coin Currency Converter by ShopPad Inc.

GemPages Flexible Page Builder by GemPages

Infinite Options by ShopPad Inc.

Infinite Product Options by

PageFly Landing Page Builder by PageFly

Personal Discount by Solvenium

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell by StilyoApps

Related Products by Globo

Shogun Landing Page Builder by Shogun Labs, Inc.

Spin To Win by Secomapp by Secomapp

Store Pickup & Delivery Date by Secomapp


Subscriptions by ReCharge


Themes with built-in currency setting (ex: Turbo/Portland, Warehouse)


Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union


Unlimited Smart Upsell Offers by Revy Apps


Upsell Bundles - Product Bundle by Booster Apps


Volume & Tiered Discounts by


Zipify Pages Builder & Editor by Zipify Apps