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Google Analytics & Bold Checkout

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Bold Checkout can be integrated with Google Analytics to track your customer's journey through the store to the checkout. You can use this helpful eCommerce tool to better understand where your customers are leaving your store and where you may need to make changes to improve conversions.

By default, When Google Analytics is added to Bold Checkout only, it will track when your customers enter their address, fill out their payment information, and complete a successful checkout.



Before you start

If you’d like to track your customers’ journey from the storefront to Bold Checkout, please ensure the following steps have been completed before adding your Google Analytics tracking ID to Bold Checkout:

  • Google Analytics settings are configured in your platform.
  • Create a custom hostname in Bold Checkout that matches your store domain.



Add your Google Analytics tracking ID to Bold Checkout

  1. From within Bold Checkout, navigate Settings > Analytics.
  2. Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID.
  3. Click Save.



Google Analytics scripts

Bold Commerce uses Google Tag Manager to send page views and events to Google Analytics. The default script that Bold Checkout sends for Google Analytics is as follows:

window['gtag']('event', '', {});



Custom tracking scripts

If you are looking to track any additional information, you will need to create a custom tracking script for Google Analytics and enter it into Bold Checkout. 

To enter your custom tracking scripts into Bold Checkout, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within Bold Checkout, navigate to Settings > Analytics.
  2. Enable the toggle for Custom Tracking Scripts for successful purchases.
  3. Enter your custom script.
  4. Click Save.




Entering your Google Analytics ID incorrectly causes issues with your analytics tracking. The format for the ID is G-XXXXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXXXX is replaced by the number associated with your properties and app. This ID must match in both Bold Checkout and your platform. There should not be any whitespaces before, after, or within the ID. When an ID is incorrect, it may result in showing that all of your customers are abandoning the checkout.

If the custom tracking scripts field is enabled when it’s empty, it will cause the script that Checkout sends by default to be overwritten.

Any code added to the custom tracking scripts field cannot contain <script> tags or links to external javascript.