User Roles & Permissions in Account Center

There are four different user types in Account Center which have different permissions available to each. They are:

  • Organization Admin
  • Store Admin
  • Staff
  • Support

Each role has access to different actions or functions that can be managed within the Bold Account. The table below indicates which action or function are available to each role.



Feature/Action Organization Admin Store Admin Staff Support


User Management





Invite users

✔*Staff level invitations only

✔*Other support users (from same home organization) only

Revoke user invite

✔*Staff level revokes only

✔*Other support users only

View user lists (Connected, Disconnected, Invite Pending)


User Permissions (Details)





Read user details

Edit user permissions

✔*Staff level permission edits only

Connect/Disconnect user

✔ *Staff level connects/disconnects only

✔ *Other support users only


User Profile





Edit My Account profile details

Change password


Store admin





Add store

Remove store

View store launchpad

Add apps to a store

View store apps

Remove store apps

Access to apps (launch apps)

✔ *Access to all apps installed

Install integration

Remove/uninstall integration


API access tokens





Create API access token

View API access token

Remove API access token

Duplicate API access token

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