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Reports & Analytics in Bold Checkout

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Bold Checkout allows you to manage orders processed through its checkout, as well as the abandoned cart emails sent to your customers.

The following information will be recorded in Bold Checkout:

  • The order's last updated date.
  • The customer's name. (if added by the customer)
  • The customer's email address. (if added by the customer)
  • A link to the customer's abandoned cart.

When an abandoned cart email is sent to a customer, the email status will reflect that an email has been sent, along with a timestamp indicating when the email was sent to the customer. 

When an order is successfully generated, has failed to generate (from failed payment), or has been exported from another store that was generated from Bold Checkout, the order will be recorded in Bold Checkout under Order > All Orders. You can manage, edit and view information about an order that was processed through Bold Checkout, here.



Order Management

When a customer places an order through Bold Checkout, you can view and manage these orders within the Checkout admin. These orders can be found within Orders > All Orders, and you can search for them by using the order number or email address of the customer.

If an order cannot be located using the search function, you can use the following search filters to narrow your search results down:

  • Date Range - Allows you to set both a start and end date for when the order was created/imported into your store.
  • Payment Status - Allows you to filter orders based on payment status. (IE. Only orders that have a status of Paid or Pending can be shown, while all other statuses are hidden)
  • Fulfillment Status - Allows you to filter orders by fulfillment status: fulfilled, partially fulfilled (multiple product orders), or unfulfilled.
  • Created in commercetools - Allows you to filter orders by creation location: successful commercetools orders, or failed commercetools orders. (orders not originating from commercetools)

Selecting the blue search icon will present your search results based on what filters you have selected.

All orders will show the following information:

  • The date the order was generated.
  • The commercetools order ID.
  • The customer's email address.
  • The payment status of the order.
  • The fulfillment status.
  • The order total

As well as an actions ellipsis where you can edit the order.

When an order fails to generate, only a record of the order and error code will be created in Bold Checkout.



Abandoned Cart Management

When a customer reaches the Bold checkout, adds a name or email address, then closes the checkout, the customer's abandoned checkout will be recorded in Bold Checkout under Orders > Abandoned Carts.

You cannot view abandoned carts until you have activated and customized the abandoned cart emails.

Each recorded abandoned cart in Bold Checkout includes the following:

  • The last updated date that the customer made a change in the checkout.
  • The customer's name and email address.
  • A direct link to the customer's abandoned checkout.
  • A status of whether the automated email has been sent to the customer or not.
  • A timestamp when the abandoned email was sent. 

Abandoned carts can be filtered by date to help you identify which customers are leaving the checkout before completing their purchase.

To apply a date filter, simply add a start and end date under Orders > Abandoned Carts, then Filter Dates.

Add Start and End date, then select Filter Dates

You can also export Bold Checkout's abandoned carts into a CSV file by selecting the Export Table button next to the search filter.

Select Export Table

Selecting Export Table will generate a CSV file for all of the abandoned cart records that appear in the results table. You can either export a list of all your abandoned carts from the beginning of time to the present date, or based on a start and end date.



Audit Logs

Audit logs in Bold Checkout outline changes that have been made to the app.

Audit logs can be viewed within the Bold Checkout admin by selecting Account, then Audit Logs.