Set up Bold Subscriptions & Bold Checkout Integration

Bold Subscriptions integrates with Bold Checkout to provide your store with the benefits of having its own built-in checkout, and the ability to offer subscription options to your customers.

This comprehensive step-by-step is for stores that are setting up both Bold Checkout and Subscriptions at the same time.

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To install these apps on your store, create an account in Bold Account Center and install the apps there. It may be best to speak to the Bold Sales team first.

Note: This installation may be complex, and is recommended for stores that have their own developers.

Bold Checkout uses its own version of the checkout to process its orders. Because of this, the app needs an attached payment gateway in order to accept payments for your customers orders.

Note: If you are already actively using either one of these apps, you need to use the same payment gateway in order for this integration to work correctly.

Visit our article on Setting up a Payment Gateway in Bold Checkout for more information on how to enable your payment gateway within our app.

Within Bold Checkout, the shipping zones are how the app determines where your store will ship to, and how much it will cost to ship to that region of the world.

For Checkout to charge taxes on your products, there must be a tax setting specified within Checkout admin.

For more information on setting this up, please visit our Shipping in Bold Checkout Tax Settings in Bold Checkout articles

Before fully completing this integration, Bold Subscriptions should be set up as well.

Please visit our article on Creating a Standard Subscription Group for more information on setting this app up.


The steps below are to enable Bold Subscriptions while using Bold Checkout in the Bold Checkout Template method. If you are looking to enable Bold Subscriptions with the WooCommerce Integrated Bold Checkout, please visit Subscriptions WooCommerce Integrated Bold Checkout Setup.

Please follow these steps to finish this integration: 

  1. From your WordPress admin, navigate to WooCommerce > Bold.
  2. Select Bold Checkout.
  3. Select Marketplace.
  4. Select Install on the Bold Subscriptions option.
  5. Allow permissions.
  6. Select Configure to finalize the installation.

We strongly suggest testing Checkout app functionality as soon as it is added to your store. If any steps were missed during the set-up process, your customers temporarily may not be able to check-out on your website.

Note: This is also completed to ensure that your payment gateway is set-up, and working correctly.

Please visit our article on Placing a test order with Bold Checkout for more information on completing this step.

After setting up your account centre and installing the apps, you will also have access to our APIs. Bold Subscriptions provides powerful, API-driven customization options to build and scale a subscription service that fits your business. Tailor your setup, checkout flow, and customer portal for a one-of-a-kind subscription experience to drive dependable recurring revenue.

For more information on getting started with our Subscription V2 APIs, please visit our Developer Portal. For general information on all Bold's API offerings, please visit Build With Bold.

Bold Subscriptions offers your customers the ability to manage their own subscriptions through the app's Customer Portal. If you would like to allow your customers to manage their own subscriptions, it is recommended to set this up.

For more information on the setup steps, please visit Customer Portal & Cancellation Management.

Once your subscription groups have been set up the subscription widget will appear on the product page on the storefront. If you like, you can also add the subscription widget to another location such as the sidebar or footer.

  1. From within the WordPress admin, navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Select the + sign under your desired area.
  3. Search for and select Bold Subscriptions Add To Cart.
    Bold Subscriptions Add To Cart Widget
  4. Choose a subscription product.
  5. Select Update.



The default widget can only be displayed in a product AddToCart form which displays on the product page. However, the store’s theme can be modified to put an AddtoCart form anywhere. For more information on how you customize the location of the subscription widget, please see the optional step Customize the Widget Location above.

Quick add to cart buttons are not contained in an AddToCart Form. This can cause issues with products in these sections not inheriting the correct subscription group properties. If your theme uses these Quick add to cart buttons, we recommend hiding these buttons for subscription products. 

You can use the function to gather the information about the subscription group data available on your storefront. This data can help you determine if a product is a part of a subscription group. Any products that are identified as subscriptions can then be customized to hide the Quick add to cart buttons using javascript.

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