Review the Customer Tab & Customer Portal

The customers tab within Bold Subscriptions contains all the information you need to review your active and inactive subscribers, and their purchases. You are also able to do a search of your subscribers within this list to pull up the details for your current orders on your store.

This area allows you to edit your subscriptions customers information, manage the subscriptions on your store, and view your customers activity logs.




The first option when you click into a customers account is to update their information. This includes the customers name, email address, and phone number that are specific to their order.

Updating customer information via the Bold Subscriptions app will update the existing  information within Wordpress. Adding notes to your customers orders can also be beneficial in case you have any additional shipping, order, or product information for this customers subscription purchase.

Updating Payment Information

From this area, you are able to change which saved card is used for your customers. You could also edit, or add a new credit card for your customers within this area as well. Please note that this will have to be updated in Bold Checkout prior to being able to choose the new card within Bold Subscriptions.

Products within the Subscription

Product swaps can only be completed with other products that are within the same subscription group.

The quantity can be adjusted or additional items can be added by navigating to Edit Quantity > Add Product within the Customer tab. The added product could be available as a subscription or just as a one-time purchase.



Active Customer Subscriptions

This area is beneficial to help display a complete overview of your customers subscription products, purchase details, shipping address, and order frequency.

Any adjustments for your customers orders can be found here as well.

Active Customer Subscriptions Tab

By clicking into the menu below, you also have full ability to adjust and make changes to your customers' orders. This can be done once they request it or if your store is deciding to change the date on upcoming orders for fulfillment purposes.

Active Customers Subscriptions



Change Subscription Date 

Your customers subscription renewal date can be adjusted within the customers tab by selecting "Edit future orders". If your settings have advanced rules, this change will adjust.

If you adjust the next order date, then subsequent purchases will go back to the original settings within the app. For example, if the order regularly generates on the 15th of every month. If you change this date to February 10th, then the March order will complete again on the 15th.


Only Update Next Order

If you use this option, only the following order date will change and the subsequent orders will stay on their usual recurring date.

Update All Future Orders

If you use this option, all subsequent orders will fall in line with the new date that you choose. A limitation of this is that it only works if the frequency settings in the subscription group for that product are set to "On Purchase Date"



Reactivate Previous Subscriptions

If your customers have stopped a subscription on your store, their customer and order information will still be available for your review within the app as "inactive". At any time, you are able to re-active previous subscriptions by navigating to your Customer tab > View and reactivate previous subscriptions.

This ability helps for stores that had to cancel subscriptions due to product availability, stock, or when a customer requests to resubscribe.

When selecting "Reactivate Subscription" in this area, it will automatically move that product for the customer to live active subscription section of the app.



Pause and Resume Subscription

Within the Bold Subscriptions app, there is a section for Customer Portal within the settings. In this section, you are able to enable a switch that adjusts how your customers manage their subscriptions.

If this feature is enabled, this setting will give your subscribers the ability to put their subscriptions on hold whenever they need to, for as long as they need. This can also be used to skip an individual order. During this time, they will not be billed or receive any orders that have not yet been sent.

This feature is different than skipping an order, since your customer will have to be sure to manually resume the subscription.

If you prefer not to give your customers this functionality, you can keep this setting turned off. You will still be able to pause and resume your customers' subscriptions from within the app.

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