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Multi-Currency Pricing & Overview

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Multi-Currency allows you to display a variety of different currencies to your customers.

Multi-Currency is a display-only app for currencies on your storefront, and does not have the ability to convert currencies in Shopify's checkout by itself. If you have a grandfathered plan for Bold Cashier and Bold Multi-Currency installed on your store, you can offer currency conversions on the checkout page.

Please visit Cashier & Multi-Currency Integration for more information on setting up this integration.

You can use Multi-Currency to automatically display a currency based on the customer's location, and when integrated with Bold Cashier, also allow your customers to purchase in their desired currency.


As of February 19th, 2021, Bold Multi-Currency is no longer available to install on the Shopify App Store. If your store has installed our Bold Multi-Currency app prior to February 19, 2021 - you will be able to continue using this app as it is grandfathered on your store.




Multi-Currency requires an installation in order to function correctly on your site. There are adjustments that the app must make on your theme, and in your Shopify currency settings, in order for it to display the correct information to your customers.

Please visit Multi-Currency Code Install Instructions for more information on how to insert the app's code or request assistance.

Note: Other currency conversion apps or software should be disabled on your site before using Multi-Currency. Using two conversion apps at the same time can cause conflicts with how your pricing displays.




Multi-Currency is completely free to use. There are no additional fees.




Multi-Currency offers a fully customizable experience for your customers, with a variety of different options. You are able to change the position of the currency picker, use the customer's location to automatically set the store currency, and set a default currency for any specific country.


Making styling changes to your currency picker requires knowledge of CSS. If you are not comfortable with completing this on your theme, one of our partners could create this for you as a paid customization on your store. Please request this through HeyCarson via this form.


Below, you can review Multi-Currency's core features. For a more in-depth review of Multi-Currency's features, please visit Get Started with Multi-Currency.

Add a currency from any country. Once added to the app, your currencies can be enabled or disabled.

Visit Add a Currency in Multi-Currency for more information.

Visit Enable or Disable Currencies to learn how to toggle currencies on or off from the storefront.

Change your store's default currency.

It is important to note that your store's default currency must match the currency you designate as your default in Multi-Currency. Setting the wrong default currency may cause issues with how your product pricing displays on your store.

Visit Change the Default Currency for more information on how to select your default currency in the app.

Change the position and placement of your store's currency picker.

You're able to select a default location in either the left, middle, or right side of the screen. The picker can then be set to the top or bottom of your store.

Visit Change the Placement of the Currency Picker for more information.

Create and manage rounding rules for currency conversions that end in specific decimal numbers.

You can set a range of accepted numbers, then choose how the app should round these on the storefront. These rules are also created on a per-currency basis.

Visit Create Rounding Rules for a Currency for more information on how to create rounding rules.

Visit Test Rounding Rules in Multi-Currency for more information on how to test rounding rules.

Use your very own exchange rates for the currencies you have set up in Multi-Currency.

By default, the app will pull its exchange rates from Open Exchange Rates every two hours. You can, however, set your own custom exchange rules on a per-currency basis and use exchange rate padding to include additional conversion costs for a specific currency.

Visit Use Your Own Exchange Rate for more information on how to create your own exchange rate.

Visit Add Exchange Rate Padding for more information on how to create your own exchange rate padding.

Set the app up to automatically show your customers the currencies they use in their own countries.

The app offers an IP-based geolocation service that displays a customer's local currency when they visit your store. The app then reads your customer's IP address, and displays your store in their country's currency.

Visit Use the Customer's Location to Automatically Set the Currency for more information.