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The Bold Account Center is a new tool that stores can use to access apps such as Bold Subscriptions V2 & Bold Checkout, or manage who has access to create API keys to start using our available APIs to launch new integrations.


Within this article, an Organization is a term that refers to your company's name.

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To create an account within the Bold Account Center, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bold Account Center Login Page.

  2. Select Get Started, beside "Don't have an account yet?".

  3. Enter your Name, Organization, Email, and Create a Password.

    Note: The Organization is used as an identifier to connect to the store. If you need access to an existing organization’s stores and applications, you will need to request an account from your Organization’s admin.

  4. Select Create Account.

  5. Enter your Platform and Store URL, then select 'Add store'.

  6. If you already have Bold Subscriptions V2 or Checkout installed, you will be prompted to verify your store.

    Note: If either of these apps are not installed on your store, then this step will be replaced with the option to add the compatible apps to your store. Once you add the app onto your store, you'll be able to access the Bold Account Center's management features.

  7. Access the available Bold Apps for your platform.
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