Bold QuickBooks 3rd-Party Integrations

Bold's QuickBooks Online integration is a robust accounting software that allows you to export your Shopify orders over to your QuickBooks Online accounting software.

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Bold's QuickBooks integration is currently not able to integrate with the Avalara tax system. When enabled, Avalara affects the way taxes are calculated.

It is recommended disabling Avalara if you plan to use Bold QuickBooks Online to export your orders to the QuickBooks software.

While Bold's QuickBooks integration is able to export orders from Shopify to QuickBooks' accounting software, it is not able to export orders that have been edited.

Any changes made to the order after it has been paid will not export through to QuickBooks Online. Only the original order's contents will export.

It is highly recommended avoiding editing any orders you would like exported to QuickBooks Online. However, if an order needs to be edited, any changes made in Shopify will then need to be manually applied to the sales receipt created within the QuickBooks accounting software.

In order to ensure your discounts are properly exported to the QuickBooks accounting software, it is highly recommended generating discounts codes manually or through an app that generates standard Shopify discount codes, such as Bold Loyalty Points.

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