Connect a Legacy Stripe Account Before Migrating

Before migrating to Bold Subscriptions V2, you will need to connect a legacy Stripe account to your Shopify store. This will allow our migrations tool to import your existing subscribers into Bold Subscriptions V2.  This means all of your subscription customers would need to be moved to Stripe before an import can be attempted. 

If you are migrating from Bold Subscriptions V1 to V2, you must use the same Stripe account that is connected within Bold Subscriptions V1.


Customers imported with Stripe gateway ID's will remain on Stripe until their credit card information is edited. Once edited, they will then be moved into Shopify Payments. Until this is done, you will be using the Stripe account, and subject to their transaction fees.



  1. Go to: (YourShopURL)/admin/payments/legacy_subscription

    Note: Replace (YourShopURL) with the address to your store.

  2. Enter the email address for your Stripe account.

    Ente your email address

  3. Ensure the correct account is selected, and then select Connect.
    Select Connect


Once these steps are completed, you will be redirected to your Shopify admin where you will see confirmation that your account has been successfully connected. A green banner will display the message Stripe account connected. You will also be able to see your connected account number further down on the page.

Green Banner of confirmation
Account number
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